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Chapter 950: Taking It The Wrong Way

Oh my god!

Xu Xiyan swallowed hard. Was this true? Did her eyes deceive her?

The Moon Castle and Rose Garden. Everyone knew that they were some of the most beautiful places in Estan. They were said to be built according to a beautiful love story and the market price of both places was almost 20 billion, but the value far exceeded the price. It could be priceless even.

The President was now giving it all away to her without hesitation. Was he crazy?

Helian Wei was not crazy. Everything was clear in black and white. His own strong and powerful signature was even on it.

After seeing the agreement, Xu Xiyan had two reactions:

First: The President was really extravagant!

Second: What were the President’s intentions?

He had suddenly gifted her such a large property. Could it be because…

Xu Xiyan’s mind began to take it the wrong way, her face turning hard. She immediately pushed the documents back and said seriously, “Sorry, Mr. Qi. If the President wanted to become my sugar daddy by giving me such an expensive gift, I regret to tell him that I love my husband very much and I’ll never do anything to betray him. As for the President’s goodwill, you should just take it back!”

Qi Fang, who was currently drinking coffee, almost spat out his coffee when he heard this. Cough, cough… Did the girl misunderstand?

Qi Fang hastily explained, “Miss Jing Xi, you’ve misunderstood. The President didn’t mean that. He only wanted to…”

“He wanted to make me divorce my husband and make me become his secret lover? If this is the case, let me be frank with you—No freaking way!”

“…” The girl’s rich imagination almost made Qi Fang surrender.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and he didn’t know what to say.

At this time, Ni Xuelin, who was outside the café looking in through the glass window, saw the two having a conversation inside. Their conversation seemed to have gone sour.

Especially Jing Xi. She was crossing her arms, looking quite angry. Did the man mention something that was bad for her?

She remembered the time when Wandou was transferred to become Mu Chenguang’s assistant, Wandou had especially told her to immediately contact Huo Yunshen if there was a situation.

Worried that the lawyer was giving Jing Xi trouble, Ni Xuelin quickly called Huo Yunshen and reported the situation to him, just to be safe.

At this time, Huo Yunshen was playing with his daughter nearby. When he received the call, he immediately came over posthaste.

The atmosphere in the café had become cold and awkward. At this moment, Qi Fang realized that his usually eloquent speaking skills were exterminated within seconds while meeting with Jing Xi.

He simply could not keep up with her quick and erratic thinking.

He had to say that this young lady’s way of thinking was really strange!

“Cough, cough, cough… Sorry, sorry, Miss Jing Xi, I did not explain it clearly.

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