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Chapter 934: Their Consequences

Huo Yunshen released her and then held her little face. When he saw that her cheeks were red and swollen, he felt very distressed. “They beat you?”

Xu Xiyan nodded.

Huo Yunshen ground his teeth and said hatefully, “Just wait! I won’t let them off easily today!”

At the other side, Helian Qingyu received Li Ruochu. After checking and making sure that she was uninjured, he felt greatly relieved.

But he couldn’t help but reproach her. “Didn’t I arrange some men for you? Who told you that you could go without guards?”

“I didn’t expect this to happen.”

“By the time you expect it to happen with that brain of yours, it’s already too late!”

Helian Qingyu was very disappointed with Li Ruochu. He really didn’t know what to say about her.

Li Ruochu was blamed by the man. But instead of feeling sad, she felt a touch of warmth; she wondered if it was just her illusion.

After making sure that the two women were safe, the next step was to deal with these criminals.

The commander had already interrogated them about whether there was a behind-the-scenes perpetrator, but the criminals were silent.

Xiao Liang pointed his gun at the scar-faced man’s forehead. “Are you talking or not? If you’re not talking, I’ll put a bullet through your head!”

The scar-faced man stammered, “I don’t know… I really don’t know… even if you kill me, I still don’t know anything…”

Xiao Liang reported to Helian Qingyu, “General, they’re not willing to confess!”

After hearing that the criminals refused to confess, Helian Qingyu turned to ask Huo Yunshen, “Big brother, how do you think we should deal with them?”

Huo Yunshen’s dark eyes narrowed ominously, his voice cold. “Teach them a little lesson. Those fearless fools dared to beat my woman.”

Just as he thought. Helian Qingyu immediately ordered, “Teach them a little lesson…”

When the criminals heard the words “a little lesson,” they secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but they did not expect Helian Qingyu to add, “and beat them to death.”

“Yes, sir!” Xiao Liang obeyed.

Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu went back with their respective women while, behind them, the criminals screamed like pigs in a slaughterhouse.

This was their consequences for bullying their women; it was guaranteed that they would suffer the worst.

In a car near Dongrong Street, Lan Ling-Er looked at the street in front that was barricaded and secured. There were a lot of soldiers going into the street just now. Were they there to rescue Jing Xi and the other woman?

Lan Ling-Er wiped cold sweat off her forehead. Luckily she had used a fake identity when she was hiring the criminals, so there was no need to worry whether they would reveal her information.

Now she was just curious: Who was the woman who could cause Helian Qingyu to dispatch the army to save them?

No matter who she was, Lan Ling-Er would have her in her grasp sooner or later!

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