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Chapter 938: The Paternity Test Report Was Out

“I reckoned you wouldn’t have the guts anyway.”

The man shoved Xiao Mai ruthlessly away and then handed him a bag of money.

“Thank you, thank you…”

After receiving his pay, Xiao Mai got out of the car and hurried back to the set.

He had gotten 100,000 dollars in exchange for a few strands of Jing Xi’s hair. This sale was just too worth it.

After Xiao Mai left, Jin Xiu took off his sunglasses and flu-mask, and let out a long breath.

How’s that?

Getting Jing Xi’s hair was just a piece of cake!

The President was definitely going to praise him after this!

Jin Xiu ordered the driver to drive off. He had to hurry to the paternity test center.

After their car drove off, another black car hiding in the vicinity also started its engine and secretly followed them.

Jin Xiu arrived at the paternity test center. The person in the black car immediately called Yun Xuerou. “Madam, I’ve followed Jin Xiu to the set where Jing Xi was shooting. He seemed to have a deal with someone from the set. He is now at the paternity test center… Okay, understood!”

At the paternity test center, Jin Xiu handed over Jing Xi and the president’s hair to the person in charge. He used a pseudonym for the president’s name.

“When is the earliest that the results can be released?”

“One week.”

The staff at the paternity test center had an indifferent attitude, as he had no idea who Jin Xiu was.

Jin Xiu tossed a bag of banknotes onto the table and asked arrogantly, “200,000 dollars. When can the results be released at the earliest?”

The paternity test center employee widened his eyes at the money. “Three days. Three days is possible.”

“Can it still be faster?”

While the employee was counting the money, the blade in Jin Xiu’s hand was already up at his neck.

The test center employee was scared out of his wits. “Please don’t kill me… The fastest is really three days… The data has to go through a complicated process of identification and analyzation… it’s not that fast…”

“Okay, I’ll come pick it up on time after three days.”

Jin Xiu withdrew his blade and left with his men.

As soon as they left, Yun Xuerou’s assistant, Eugene, came into the paternity test center. He inquired about the test that Jin Xiu had requested just now. The paternity test center staff refused to answer him due to customer privacy reasons.

Eugene whipped out his gun. Terrified, the paternity test center employee revealed everything, “The names are Mr. Feng and Miss Jing.”

Eugene had already guessed that “Mr. Feng” must be the President’s pseudonym and “Miss Jing” was Jing Xi.

“You will give me this test report after it is released. I want you to do a different test.” Eugene pointed his gun at the employee’s forehead. “Do as I say and don’t argue.”

Eugene plucked out his own hair and handed it to the employee. “Replace Miss Jing’s hair with this. Hurry up!”

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