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It was unknown when Huo Yunshen had approached her from behind. He embraced her around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. He asked, “Missed your daughter again?”

“Yeah. I just gave her a call.”

Huo Yunshen spun her around, pulled her into his arms and said, “You’re with me now. You should only think about me.”

The man had just taken a shower and the light and refreshing fragrance of his body wafted into her nose. It was a comforting smell. Xu Xiyan chuckled, nestling into his arms, “No way. Don’t tell me you’re even jealous of your own daughter?”

Right now, she seriously realized that the man’s possessiveness was particularly strong. Basically, whenever she was together with him, he didn’t have the time at all to think about anything else.

“Yeah, I’m jealous. So what?”

Huo Yunshen was confident. He wanted to prove by his practical actions that if he wanted her to think only of him, then she could only think of him.

“Hey, hey, hey… we’re at the stairs, don’t tell me you want to do…”

“As long it’s a place we haven’t tried before, I’m going to try it!”

Indeed, the man began to do as he pleased right there.

Anyway, they had just recently moved into Yunjing Villa and he had yet to employ any servants in the villa. There were only two of them at home and there was no need to be worried about being seen doing whatever they wanted.

It would be a disservice to a beautiful night and environment such as this for not doing “whatever they pleased.”

They had a wonderful night. The next day, Xu Xiyan went for her shoot as usual. At noon, Huo Yunshen drove to the set to pick her up.

Looking at the driving route and direction, Xu Xiyan asked uncertainly, “Where are we planning to go?”

“You will know when you arrive.”

Huo Yunshen deliberately left her guessing.

When their car arrived at the destination, only Xu Xiyan realized that they had arrived at the JS First Squadron garrison base.

Surprised, Xu Xiyan asked, “Dear, is it right for us to come here directly? You should at least tell me, and I’ll inform my uncle in advance!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already informed him.”

If Huo Yunshen had not made sufficient arrangements, he would not simply show himself at the base.

The main gate of the base was heavily guarded by soldiers. When Huo Yunshen’s car was in sight, they saluted him deferentially, lined up on the sides and opened the gates for their car.

Xu Xiyan felt relieved. Usually, if anyone drove a private car like theirs, they could forget about going near to the base.

If they ignored the guard’s warnings and force themselves in, the guards would directly feed them with bullets.

Huo Yunshen had openly brought his wife to visit his uncle-in-law. Of course, he would contact him in advance.

Today, the entire JS First Squadron had received orders from the higher-ups. They heard that their great leader Zeus would come to visit in person. Everyone was very excit

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