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Without saying anything, Mo Xie walked past Yun Xuerou to check the woman lying on the crystal bed.

“Why are you here?” Mo Xie asked after confirming that nothing was wrong with Jing Ruyue.

“Brother Xie, I’m curious, are you going to wait for the dead forever?” Yun Xuerou asked as she took a peek at Jing Ruyue.

“She’s still alive!” Mo Xie scolded as he looked at Yun Xuerou with anger in his eyes. “She’ll wake up one day! I’m sure of it!”

He turned to look at Jing Ruyue as the anger in his eyes instantly changed to a warm look.

His sick love for Jing Ruyue was so strong that he had done a lot of things to get his hands on her.

Ever since he used a drug to fake her death 17 years ago and succeeded in moving her to Zstan, Jing Ruyue had been unconscious ever since.

There was no reason for her symptoms. Some said that the drugs damaged her brain, others said that she went into a coma during transportation.

Mo Xie made the crystal chamber specifically to prolong her life.

He had been staying by her side ever since, longing for the day when she would wake up.

“I’m here to tell you that Helian Wei has started to make his move,” Yun Xuerou said, with a faint smile on her face.

“What?” Mo Xie instantly went into panic mode when he heard Helian Wei’s name.

They had been rivals for years. Even though he never succeeded in killing Helian Wei, he managed to destroy his love life.

There was no way that Helian could’ve imagined that the woman he loved was that close to him.

“He’s beginning to suspect this woman’s daughter. If he continues to investigate, he’ll definitely find out about her death. You know the consequences if he does that, right?”

Yun Xuerou’s purpose was to use Mo Xie to take care of Xu Xiyan.

If Helian Wei really did investigate all the way, he would find the link between Jing Ruyue’s death and Mo Xie’s intervention.

But all Mo Xie could cared about was Xu Xiyan.

“Her daughter?” Mo Xue asked.

“Yes, she’s a grown person now, and she’s as beautiful as her mother is. You would mistake her for Jing Ruyue if you met her,” Yun Xuerou said as she showed him a picture. “Take a look for yourself.”

Mo Xie took the picture, half believing Yun Xuerou’s words until he saw the person in the picture.

The girl in the picture looked exactly like Jing Ruyue, only younger.

“She’s Helian Wei’s daughter?” Mo Xie asked, realizing what Yun Xuerou was trying to tell him.


“This means that Helian Wei has a twin?”


“This is…” Mo Xie sighed as he looked at the woman lying on the bed.

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