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Chapter 968: She Was Also Very Good At Seducing Him

“This is the master’s order.”

The guards were just following orders.

But Lan Ling-Er was not convinced. Not only did she not cooperate, but she also directly forced herself into the manor.

The guards did not dare to hurt Lan Ling-Er, but they were afraid that they would lose their jobs if they did not stop her. They could only follow her from behind and try to persuade her along the way.

Their attempts to persuade her were futile. Lan Ling-Er arrived at the main hall and directly went inside.

The guards stopped outside and did not follow her anymore because Mo Yutian had given an order that he would not see anyone at the moment. No one was allowed to bother him either.

Since Miss Lan Ling-Er took advantage of her relationship with the master and insisted on entering, no god could help her.

Lan Ling-Er did not let the servants notify her brother and went straight into the hall to look for him. As she was approaching the bedroom, she could hear some faint kinky voices coming out from the room.

She stopped and listened carefully for a while, then her cheeks suddenly flushed red. It turned out that her brother was making love to another woman.

Who was the woman?

Lan Ling-Er was very curious.

She understood her brother very well; he would never get close to women. Other than Jing Xi who could make him go out of his mind, other women could forget about approaching him, not even within a foot.

Yet now, and so early in the day, who was the woman her brother was frolicking with in the room?

As she thought of this, and driven by her curiosity, Lan Ling-Er quietly approached the room and peeked through the crack of the door.

If she did not peek, she would not know what was happening inside—and she was shocked at what she saw.

How could his brother frolic with Jing Xi?

Oh my god, her brother was really astonishing!

And Jing Xi, that bitch, was also very good at seducing him!

After peeking for a while, Lan Ling-Er was also starting to feel restless herself by what she saw. Although she hadn’t had a sexual relationship with a man yet, she still knew a little about this aspect.

She had often fantasized that she could be with Helian Qingyu, that she could be pressed under his body as he made love to her fierily.

Mo Yutian made love with the woman in many positions. After releasing his sexual frustrations to his heart’s content, he released Alice, put on his bathrobe and left the room.

To him, the clone Alice was only a tool to satisfy his sexual needs and he had no feelings towards her. So once he finished, he would not hesitate to toss her aside.

Mo Yutian left the bedroom. Lan Ling-Er, who was hiding nearby, sneaked into the room.

When she stood by the bed and looked down at the naked woman on it, strong hatred and jealousy shot out from her eyes.

She was jealous that the woman had possessed her brother’s hea

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