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Li Ruochu noticed that one of the men was trying to hit Jing Xi from behind. She grabbed a plank on the floor and hit the man on the back of his head.

Maybe because the hit was weak, the man did not fall. He turned and noticed it was Li Ruochu who had hit him.

He lunged at her and grabbed her.

“Jing Xi… Help…”

Xu Xiyan turned and noticed Li Ruochu was being taken. Once she was distracted, she was kicked and got surrounded.

They were caught, and the reinforcements had not arrived yet.

“Looks can be deceiving,” the man with the scar said. “You sure are a vicious one.”

He lifted Xu Xiyan’s face with his finger, and Xu Xiyan averted her gaze.

The leader slapped Xu Xiyan and scolded, “You little bitch! You’ll beg when I have you under me!”

The leader ordered his men to take them away.

The girls were tied, and their mouths were sealed. They planned to move them to a more secure location before having their fun.

Yet, just before they could leave the alley, they were surrounded by roars of engines.

Powerful lights lit the alley up, so strong that it was hard to keep their eyes open.

When they got used to the light a little and looked, they noticed they were surrounded by military vehicles.

There were so many of them that almost half of Dongrong Street was occupied.

Soldiers in uniforms came down with rifles and machine guns on them.

As the soldiers stomped down the alley with their boots, the sound was so powerful that the men who tried to kidnap the girls were frightened by it.

In just half an hour, Helian Qingyu had gathered all of his personal guards.

The scene was so grand that it was as if a war was about to begin.

Huo Yunshen could’ve also deployed the mercenaries he had in Estan, but he did not want to cause any unnecessary conflicts and decided to rely on Helian Qingyu’s forces instead.

All of Dongrong Street was in a state of alert, and most outsiders thought that the armies were on a special mission.

“Listen up! Let those two girls go and put your hands up!” Helian Qingyu ordered. “Or else we’ll shoot!”

With his order, his men pointed their guns at the kidnappers.

The man with the scar finally realized that the soldiers were there for the girls.

With the power that the soldiers had, there was no way a few normal gangsters could go against them.

The leader could only let the girls go.

Xu Xiyan and Li Ruochu were finally saved. Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu walked to them.

“Hubby…” Xu Xiyan called out as she hugged Huo Yunshen, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry…”

Huo Yunshen hugged back while comforting her.

He regretted agreeing to that stupid match with Helian Qingyu. Nothing would’ve happened if he had been there with her.

“Let me check, are you hurt?”

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