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Chapter 937: Really Misses His Daughter

Helian Wei read through the file and noticed Jing Xi’s real name was Xu Xiyan, daughter of Jing Ruyue and Xu Jinshan.

Judging from Xu Xiyan’s birthday, it was around the same time that Little Moon was pregnant.

“Le Xiu, I want to do a paternity test,” Helian Wei said, hoping to find the answers he was looking for.

“With who?” Le Xiu replied. He never thought that the President and Jing Xi could be blood-related and thought the President was suspecting the General’s companion.

“Who else?” Helian Wei scolded, angered by the stupidity that Le Xiu was showing while hitting Le Xiu’s head with the file. “Of course it’s me and Jing Xi. And you better keep it a secret!”

“I understand!”

Even though Le Xiu said that he understood, his mind was already in chaos.

He could not understand why the President would suddenly want to do a paternity test with Jing Xi.

He wondered if it was because of the President’s daughter that was missing.

And that the President thought that Jing Xi looked like his daughter.

He thought that the President was going insane because of his missing daughter.

In the room that was across from the White Tower, Yun Xuerou was still awake with Jing Xi all over her mind.

Ever since she met Jing Xi at the party, a feeling of uneasiness had struck her. She believed that she had to find out who Jing Xi was.

After getting her hands on Jing Xi’s information, she was studying it.

Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed Jing Xi’s birthday.

With scary speculation, she called her assistant, You Jin, over.

“Find a way to do a paternity test with the President and Jing Xi,” Yun Xuerou ordered.

She had to find out Jing Xi’s true identity as soon as possible.

If Jing Xi really was the child of Helian Wei, then she had to get rid of her before Helian Wei noticed it, or else her title as the First Lady could be gone if Helian Wei found out the bad deeds that she’d done in the past from learning about Jing Xi’s true identity.

Just as You Jin was about to leave, Yun Xuerou stopped him and said, “Wait to Find someone to spy on the President and Le Xiu too! Let me know as soon as you learn about anything.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

After a day of rest, Xu Xiyan returned to the set.

She had her makeup and hair done at the scene.

Just as the hairstylist was combing her hair, she accidentally pulled her comb too hard, and Xu Xiyan felt like her hair was being ripped from her scalp.

“I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” the hairstylist, Xiao Mai, quickly apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” Xu Xiyan said as she rubbed her scalp. “Just get it done quickly.”


After Jing Xi had her hair done, Xiao Mai excused herself to get a drink and left the set.

He got into a black SUV near the set and met with a man in a face mask and sunglasses.

“This is the thing you’re looking for,” Xiao Mai said.


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