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Chapter 960: He Is A Pervert!

The feeling of watching Huo Yunshen’s performance on TV was completely different from the actual feeling of acting together with him. She was a bit nervous—really.

Before going into the set, Huo Yunshen took her hand. Her palms felt wet with cold sweat. He chuckled, “Don’t tell me you’re nervous acting alongside your husband?”

Xu Xiyan smiled helplessly. “I can’t help it. You’re a great movie king.”

“Haven’t you worked with many movie and television kings before?”

“That’s different. You’re a god in my mind, an idol that I worship.”

Huo Yunshen brushed her nose lightly with a finger. “Alright, stop with the flattering. Make sure you perform well in bed at night.”


Before she could react, Huo Yunshen had already stepped into the set and sat on the electric wheelchair.

In the film, he was a disabled person. For Huo Yunshen, this was not difficult to act at all. It was equivalent to acting as himself.

Even the electric wheelchair was the familiar one that had been with him for five years.

The filming officially began. Xu Xiyan seemed to return to the time when she had first seen him with the palpitating heart of a youthful girl.

Whether it was the eyes, the mannerisms, or the lines, they seemed to act as though the story had just happened yesterday. It came naturally to them and their acting was real and intimate.

The two cooperated with great chemistry in the film and their acting skills were also good. It was just as Lu Zeyan had initially expected: as long as the two were acting, the filming went very smoothly and they almost passed all takes in one go.

While working on Deep in the Shadows of the Stars, Xu Xiyan still had to return to work on The Beauty of the World and rush the progress of the show.

The filming was almost done. Yun Qingge—the wicked concubine she was playing—had taken over the government because the emperor had fallen ill.

With the help of Wen Zhengting, she had managed state affairs efficiently.

Wen Zhengting expressed his feelings to her and told her that he was willing to give up his life of wealth and status to take her away from the capital. Yun Qingge was very moved by his feelings for her. She agreed to consider his proposal and give him an answer within three days.

However, just as the deadline was approaching, Huo Zhiqing—the general who was rumored to be dead—returned.

It was during the imperial court assembly when she saw that Huo Zhiqing was still alive. At that time, she was the most favored concubine of the emperor and was currently representing the emperor in the government whereas Huo Zhiqing appeared bearing scars and wounds—a remnant soul of his past who had persisted in surviving for her sake.

When they met again, their status and identities had changed dramatically. Yun Qingge’s heart was deeply shocked.

Today, when she really looked at it, the person she most loved in her heart, and

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