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Chapter 957: If He Finds Out Her Identity

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Yet the opponent won in numbers, and Ye Xun was starting to get cornered.

Most of the men in the crew were injured, and the gangsters were approaching the girls when a bullet flew past them and dug into the forehead of one of the gangsters in the front.

Bullets kept shooting past them as they found the forehead of different gangsters.

Most of them even had no idea how they died.

In just two minutes, most of the people from the Darkzone were lying in their own blood as the others were searching for the source of the bullets.

Just as they were looking around, armored trucks came out from nowhere and surrounded the rest of the gangsters.

Jing Zhannan led his subordinates in JS1 out from the trucks and captured the remaining gangsters alive.

Huo Yunshen had already thrown his sniper to one side and jumped down from the truck looking for his wife.

Xu Xiyan noticed her husband among the mercenaries and let out a sigh of relief.

“Hubby, luckily you came in time,” Xu Xiyan sighed.

“No, but some of us are.”

Huo Yunshen asked his medical officers to help take care of the wounded. Lucky for them, none had suffered serious injuries.

“Mr. Huang, are you all right?” Huo Yunshen asked as he pulled Huang Guoqiang up from the ground.”

“I’m fine,” Huang Guoqiang sighed. “I’m the one to blame here. If I had paid the ransom, none of us would have gotten hurt.”

“No, you are right for not paying. They would’ve just come back for more.”

Huo Yunshen understood those gangsters very well. They weren’t mercenaries from the Darkzone but instead were gangsters rounded up by the group.

They were a bunch of greedy people and would never stop asking for more.

The best way to take care of them was to round them up in one go.

Huo Yunshen issued an order to his men to interrogate the remaining gangsters for the location of Darkzone bases.

In just three days, JS deployed a troop to destroy a few of their bases and captured the Fifth Elder.

The whole operation was so huge that its success made the news in Estan. It was a huge relief for the people since the group had been terrorizing the people for a long time.

You Jin had already learned of the news as he reported back to Yun Xuerou.

“Ma’am, your plan has failed.”

Yun Xuerou had planned to use the gangsters to capture Jing Xi amid the chaos.

Yet she had never expected that the JS would suddenly appear to save them.

“Luck is on her side this time, but she won’t be that lucky next time,” Yun Xuerou smiled coldly.

“But Ma’am, I’ve heard that the crew Jing Xi is in has returned to Zstan this morning. It will be harder to get her if she’s in Zstan.”

“Isn’t Mo Yutian in Zstan too? We’ll just ask for his help. There’s nothing he couldn’t accomplish.”

Yun Xuerou smiled again since she was sure that Mo Yutian would help her, unlike Mo

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