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Chapter 949: A Token of Gratitude

“Why not, you can continue to work for me until you have a change of heart, or when you want to marry someone,” Xu Xiyan said.

“I have no plans of marrying someone,” Ni Xuelin scolded.

After being hurt by Chu Tian, Ni Xuelin had no plans of getting into a relationship for a short while. All she could think of then was getting a good job and earning enough money to live pleasantly with her father and brother.

“There’s no need to hurry. You can talk about it when you meet your Mr. Right.”

Because the crew picked up the pace of the filming process, the shooting for that day ended around 4 p.m.

Xu Xiyan was just about to leave with Ni Xuelin when a car stopped in front of them.

A gentleman in gold-framed glasses walked down from the car with a black briefcase in his hand.

Even though the man looked to be in his 30’s to 40’s, he took really good care of his body and no excess fat could be found on him.

As the man walked towards them, Ni Xuelin could feel her heart skip a beat.

Her mind went blank and she could only stare at him.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jing,” the man greeted as he handed Xu Xiyan his name card. “My name is Qi Fang, I’m a lawyer from the Tianqi Law Firm.”

“Do I know you?” Xu Xiyan asked as she looked at the name card.

She knew about Tianqi, it was the biggest law firm in Estan. But she was curious as to why a lawyer from the biggest law firm would approach her.

She had no memories of performing any legal misconduct in Estan.

“The President has personally asked me to have a chat with you. May I?”

“Sure thing. How about we continue our talk at the café over there?” Xu XIyan said after realizing that Qi Fang was acting under the President’s orders.

They walked towards the café together, and Xu Xiyan noticed Ni Xuelin remain where she was standing.

“Xuelin, what are you spacing out for? Hurry up,” Xu XIyan shouted.

Ni Xuelin hurried over to them, and they went into the café.

After they sat down, Qi Fang looked at Ni Xuelin and said apologetically, “My apologies, Miss Jing, but may I have a private conversation with you?”

Xu Xiyan understood that the content may be top secret and turned to look at Ni Xuelin.

Ni Xuelin was blushing from being stared at by Qi Fang and said, “I’ll wait outside.”

After Ni Xuelin had left, Qi Fang continued, “The President has requested I give you a token of appreciation. He also said that by all means, you have to accept it.”

“He doesn’t really have to go this far. The dinner party was more than enough.”

Yet Qi Fang had already set his briefcase down and he took out a black folder.

“I think you should look at the contents first,” Qi Fang persuaded.

Xu Xiyan opened the folder out of curiosity.

Contract of Gift was written on the first page of the document inside the folder.

Xu Xiyan finished the whole document with her eyes wide and her mouth wide open.

The c

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