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Chapter 970: Her “Gravity” Was Too Strong

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“No matter how good she is, she is still not Jing Xi.”

Mo Yutian’s stubbornness was extraordinary. He would do anything to get whatever he wanted.

His stubbornness was very much like his father, Long Xie’s. It was said that his father had once stubbornly loved a woman and because of that woman, he had killed their mother with his own hands.

Later, he had resorted to every means possible unscrupulously and had managed to get the woman. For her, he had given up his country and went into hiding in the ancient castle of the Black Sea.

They were all men of the same kind. If he had the choice, he would also do unimaginable things in order to get Jing Xi.

If he could have Jing Xi’s company and go into hiding from the world, he would be willing too.

After making love to his wife, Huo Yunshen got up reluctantly. Just as he had lifted himself up, he fell back onto her again.

“Oh, the earth’s gravity is too strong. I can’t get out of bed.”

In fact, it was her whose “gravity” was too strong. He’d rather be immersed in her body than to get up.

Xu Xiyan felt the man’s full weight on her, her chest completely covered by his body. “You’re good at making excuses for yourself. If you don’t get up now, what are you going to do if you miss your flight?”

Xu Xiyan knew that he was flying out of the country today to attend the G20 Summit.

“Then I shall let the plane wait a little longer.”

Whenever Huo Yunshen became willful, even Xu Xiyan would feel frightened by him. He hadn’t had enough and he was starting to want her again.

While he was absorbed in his lovemaking, he muttered in her ear, “Jing Xi, I really wish to turn you into a bead and keep you in my chest pocket so I could carry you with me anywhere.”

He was very reluctant to leave her and he didn’t want to be separated from her even for a moment.

If he left Peijing, the person he would be most worried about would be her.

As long as he thought of Mo Yutian hiding in a certain dark corner of Peijing, leering at her and looking for an opportunity to do something inappropriate to her, he would not be at peace.

However, he had to leave Peijing and attend the summit to unite the world’s powers and disintegrate the Dark Zone from its roots.

Only by eradicating the Dark Zone could the world be peaceful, and only then could he and his wife and daughter and as well as his family and friends could have a peaceful life.

Xu Xiyan held him tightly too. “Dear, I don’t want to be separated from you either. I want to be with you every single second.”

“Mmm, I love you so much, dear.”

Again, Huo Yunshen willfully requested another round. When it was over, his wife had already fallen asleep.

Huo Yunshen kissed her on her lips before letting go of her. He had to get up.

Outside, before departing, Huo Yunshen made complete arrangements to ensure t

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