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Children are fantasizers. Ying Bao fantasized that she was living in a big castle; when she became a princess, Brother Feimo would be a prince.


Huo Yunshen listened to the child and began to ponder. Maybe he should buy a private castle.

Tomorrow, he shall get his staff to inquire which country has a castle available for private purchase.

In the Black Sea adjacent to the border of Estan hid a mysterious island country.

It was a collection of thousands of large and small islands, forming a huge kingdom in the sea.

Among them was an island called Ghost Island, which a tall and ancient castle rose upon. The castle had a history of thousands of years.

The ancient castle rarely connected to the outside world as it stood forbiddingly on the Black Sea like a hibernating monster in a dungeon, radiating a dark and terrifying atmosphere around it.

A ship docked on the shore. A noble lady in white with a white veil over her face got down from it and walked towards the gate of the ancient castle.

After notifying, and after permission was obtained, the castle dropped the suspension bridge and the lady entered the castle.

She was familiar with the environment of the castle. Knowing her way well, she walked into the castle and directly down a spiral staircase to the basement of the castle.

A tall, carved door soon appeared in her sight. The lady pushed the door open unbidden and walked into the room.

It was bright as day in the huge basement. Priceless crystal prisms were placed all around the room, glittering and shining radiantly under the refraction of light.

In the middle of the basement made up of these crystals, there was a beautiful crystal ice coffin.

It was a coffin and also not really a coffin. It was a crystal bed made of all-natural crystals.

As long one approached the crystal bed, they would see a woman lying on it—a beautiful and serene sleeping woman.

When the noble lady saw the woman, her eyes seethed with strong hatred. She could not help but grasp the edge of the crystal bed hard with her hands, her nails almost making scratch marks on the crystal surface.

“Jing Ruyue! Are you happy lying here for more than 20 years? Why does a woman deserving of death like you still linger on? Don’t you know how much I wanted to destroy you with my own hands!”

After the lady finished her words, she reached out to the sleeping woman with her hands, wanting to strangle her throat.

Just then, an icy voice came from the door, “Stop! What are you doing?”

The lady’s hands jerked in shock and she automatically withdrew her hands. She turned around and saw a ghastly looking man in black clothes.

“Brother Xie, I wasn’t doing anything. I’ve just come to see her.”

Removing the veil on her face, Yun Xuerou’s face was revealed, smiling at the man.

The man was tall and thin. His skin was extraordinarily pale due to the lack of sunlight all year round. His eyes were slight

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