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Huang Guoqiang laughed, “Jing Xi, do you know what my first movie was 20 years ago?”

Xu Xiyan scratched her head and said, “I’m sorry, I really have no idea what your first movie was.”

“It was called ‘A Beauty in War.’ It’s a Chinese Replubican Movie.”

Xu Xiyan thought for a moment and shouted in surprise, “I know that movie!”

She recalled that it was the first movie her mother was in when she entered the acting industry.

“But were you the one who directed it?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Of course it was me. People used to call me Huang Xiaoming back then,” Huang Guoqiang smiled.

“Huang Xiaoming…” Xu Xiyan laughed.

That was the reason why Huo Guoqiang would change his name. Huang Xiaoming just sounded too simple.

“You have the same reaction as your mother,” Huang Guoqiang said, not minding Xu Xiyan laughing at his name.

“So you knew about it too?” Xu Xiyan asked as soon as she heard Huang Guoqiang mentioning her mother.

“That’s the reason why I called you here today.”

“Were you close with my mother?”

“Of course. We were best friends! Just like you and Ma Haodong.”

Huang Guoqiang recalled his past with Jing Ruyue, and Xu Xiyan listened to it quietly. She wanted to learn more about her mother.

Huang Guoqiang mentioned that he was also a newcomer when Jing Ruyue first joined the acting business. Both of them met when they were still rookies.

“I would’ve never thought that such an optimistic person would take her own life,” Huang Guoqiang could not help but sigh when he mentioned about Jing Ruyue’s death.

Xu XIyan also sighed at if the air had become tenser.

Huang Guoqiang took out a black book covered in brown paper and handed it to Xu Xiyan.

“What is this?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“You’ll understand once you read it.”

Xu XIyan opened the book and realized it was a movie script titled “Sceneries.” The whole script was written by familiar handwriting.

Xu Xiyan realized…it was her mother’s.

“This is…” Xu XIyan asked in awe.

“It’s a script written by your mother,” Huo Guoqiang explained. “The story follows her personal love life closely. I still remember how she handed it to me the day before she took her own life.”

Because of Jing Ruyue’s death, Huang Guoqiang never proceeded with the script.

It was as if the script was Jing Ruyue’s will, handed heavily into Huang Guoqiang’s hands.

Huang Guoqiang had completely memorized the whole script. The only problem was that he still could not find a suitable actress for a role.

Not until he learned about Xu Xiyan’s identity after it was exposed during Xue Yating’s interview.

It was as if he was looking at Jing Ruyue, standing on the stage shining brightly.

From the way she stood and the way she played the violin, everything about Xu Xiyan was the same as Jing Ruyue.

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