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On the way back, Xu Xiyan secretly took off her eye mask, turned at Huo Yunshen and stared at him unblinkingly.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Yunshen asked, flicking his eyes at her for a quick moment.

Xu Xiyan chuckled. She couldn’t help but praise him, “I realized that you’re not that simple, Dear!”


“Quick, tell me, which department in the JS group are you from? You’re really incredible!”

Xu Xiyan’s delicate face flushed in excitement. Her eyes were sparkling with hearts, brimming with admiration for him.

She had taken a peek just now. At first, she was worried about him and she was afraid that he was going to be overwhelmed by his enemies. But after watching him fight those men skillfully and killing them effortlessly, she was relieved.


In short, Huo Yunshen really did not dare to tell Xu Xiyan that he was Zeus. He was afraid that she would lose sleep worrying about him.

“No wonder! You must be really strong to be able to get into headquarters!”

Xu Xiyan felt that it was also a good thing that Huo Yunshen was a member of the JS group.

If her uncle knew that they were all in the same organization, he would definitely not object to their relationship! Haha!

Meanwhile, at the Blackwater Manor.

In the luxurious villa, a man came in with a frown on his face. He tossed his suit jacket on the sofa, then sat down and loosened his tie.

His assistant, Reid, came over to him with his body slightly bowed. He reported to him, “Sir, none of the men dispatched survived.”

“What?” Mo Yutian raised his eyebrows, a little incredulous.

How could all those men he had sent fail to deal with that man?

Who was that person who was so powerful?

Mo Yutian propped his chin on one hand as he fell deep into thought. He was thinking about Jing Xi, and also about the people around her who could potentially be love rivals.

As long there were potential suitors around Jing Xi, Mo Yutian would find a way to remove them one by one.

Since he could not remove Huo Yunshen for the time being, he just had to get rid of that mysterious musician Ni Yun first!

“Go investigate again. I want to find out Ni Yun’s identity.”

“Yes, Sir!” Reid obeyed and left the living room.

Mo Yutian was the only one left in the vast living room. He fell into thought for a while, then bent over to roll up his right pant leg.

The pant leg rolled up, gradually revealing a prosthetic leg. He removed the prosthetic leg and moved the stump of his leg around, cooling it off in the open air.

His right leg was amputated from the knee. He had to install a prosthetic in place of the missing leg.

Mo Yutian would sigh deeply whenever he saw his prosthetic leg. He was a perfectionist, but now, he was not even perfect himself.

That time, in the beginning, he had painfully lost his brother and his leg. His life had fallen into darkness and despair.

Later, he had no choice but to accept reality

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