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Director Peng Sicheng had perfectly demonstrated his directing standards with his talents, reaching a new level compared to his previous works.

After the premiere, Xu Xiyan prepared to leave. At this moment, someone blocked her way.

Xu Xiyan looked up and met a pair of dark eyes. The eyes were clearly smiling, but somehow she felt a chill running up her spine.

“Mr. Mo?”

Xu Xiyan had not noticed Mo Yutian’s presence all this while. She was very surprised meeting up with him at this time.

“Are you going home? My car’s already here. Let me send you back?”

Mo Yutian bowed slightly and extended an arm to the side, pointing at a stretch limousine at the entrance of the studios.

“No, thank you. I’m waiting for my friend.”

Xu Xiyan politely refused his kindness. Right now, she must always remember that she was already a married young woman. She must not mess around with other men and create a misunderstanding with her husband.

In the face of Mo Yutian, she had secretly realized his intentions. Was he trying to pursue her?

She felt that Mo Yutian shouldn’t his waste time on her as she couldn’t give him any promises. In this life, no one could separate her and Huo Yunshen.

Just as Mo Yutian was about to say something, a man in a white tuxedo and mask ambled over, going straight towards Jing Xi’s side without even looking at him. Jing Xi naturally took the man’s arm and bade him goodbye.

Just like that, Jing Xi was taken away by the other man. Anger surfaced in Mo Yutian’s dark eyes. He beckoned to his men and ordered them, “Keep an eye on that man, and… if it is necessary…”

Mo Yutian drew two fingers across his throat.

“Yes, sir!”

His men immediately understood his gesture and got into their cars to give chase to their targets.

Mo Yutian wanted to eliminate all love rivals that posed as a threat to him. He did not care to eliminate them under fair means. All he wanted was the result.

As Huo Yunshen was driving on the road, he noticed a few cars trailing behind them. They were closing in behind them urgently and they did not even care to keep themselves inconspicuous.

This was probably the sloppiest car chase he had ever seen. But, according to his instincts, he could tell that the cars behind them were definitely not the paparazzi.

After ruling out that possibility, then there was only one other possibility: this wasn’t an amateur car chase—this was an arrogant display of challenge.

Huo Yunshen guessed a possibility inwardly. Could they be Mo Yutian’s men?

Recently, Mo Yutian had interfered in many business fields in Peijing with his arrogant behavior. He had taken over any businesses that opposed him, magnifying his power and dominance. He was an unstoppable force.

If this was the case, then they’d better brace themselves.

“Sit tight, dear!”

Huo Yunshen turned sharply at Xu Xiyan and glanced at her for a brief moment. His eyes told her that there might be a s

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