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How could such scum exist in the world?

He would become ruthless whenever he beat a woman. However, when he was being beaten by a woman, he still had the audacity to shamelessly ask another woman for help.

Ni Xuelin was already heartbroken to the point of despair by Chu Tian. When he had beaten her just now, she came to a complete understanding of something.

That man was more terrible than a man-eating wolf when he loses his temper.

He wanted her to save him?

Hmph… in his dreams!

Ni Xuelin had already picked herself up from the ground. She limped towards him and stood in front of him, looking down at him with cold eyes. “Chu Tian, we have nothing to do with each other anymore. You’re the one who came to retaliate against me first. You’ve brought this on yourself. Even God won’t save you now!”

At this point, Xu Xiyan finally realized that the scum Ni Xuelin had loved before was called Chu Tian.

Hmph, another scumbag with the surname Chu!

The name seemed a bit familiar as if she had heard it somewhere before.

When the last punch was about to land on Chu Tian’s face, Chu Tian covered his head with his arms and begged for mercy. “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, don’t hit my face…”

He had been relying on his face to survive. If his handsome face was ruined, then his career was over.

Xu Xiyan’s fist stopped inches above the bridge of his nose. She remembered. The name Chu Tian seemed to belong to one of the members of the band “MAX.”

“Weren’t you formerly in MAX? Do you know Xiao Yuche?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Chu Tian was scared by her beatings. At this moment, when the superwoman in front of him asked him about the band, he replied quickly, “Yes, yes, yes… I’m from MAX. Xiao Yuche was our lead singer.”

“Do you know how Xiao Yuche died in the past? If you can tell me what you know, I might consider letting you go. If you don’t tell the truth, then I’ll throw you out of the window and make sure you land face first,” Xu Xiyan threatened him grimly.

Chu Tian had gotten a taste of her wrath and knew better than to provoke her. In order to keep his life at this time, he had no choice but to tell her, “Okay, okay… I will tell you everything!”

In fact, Xu Xiyan had only asked incidentally and she did not hold any high hopes of getting information out of him, but what surprised her was the shocking information that came out from Chu Tian’s mouth.

That is the cause of Xiao Yuche’s death.

It was related to the misunderstanding between Ma Haodong and Xiao Yuqian. If Chu Tian could be used as a firsthand witness, could the misunderstanding between them be cleanly resolved?

Was there a chance for their relationship to take a turn?

Xu Xiyan was excited as she thought of this. She found a rope and tied Chu Tian like a roast, then taped his mouth and threw him into the trunk of the car.

She turned back to help Ni Xuelin. She was severely bleeding from her lower body after getting beaten up

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