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In “Roman Holiday,” the female protagonist was a princess while the male protagonist was a poor reporter and fate brought them together.

In “Sceneries,” the female protagonist, which was Xu Xiyan’s mother, acted like a normal young lady in front of the male protagonist, while the male protagonist was of high status in the country.

They first met when the male protagonist lost his memories and had even forgotten his name.

The female protagonist gave him the name “Feng.”

Xu Xiyan believed that Feng must be the F in her mother’s handbook. That was why the script was titled “Sceneries.” [1]

The met each other like many other normal people and fell in love. The only difference was that in the end, the male protagonist regained his memories and went back to where he was, while the female protagonist left with their child to protect the man she loved.

Xu Xiyan realized something while she was reading the script.

One of the sentences went like this:

[I have no other choice but to leave him. The two children we have were gifts from God, and I will take good care of them…]

Two children? Xu Xiyan could not believe her eyes. Don’t tell me that I have a twin sibling… But I could only recall being the only child… Is it a boy or a girl? Is he or she still alive?

The discovery was too important to Xu Xiyan. It was such a huge marvel that there was a sibling of hers living in the same world as she was.

She wanted to know about her sibling, but there was not much for her to work with.

The script only told the story until Jing Ruyue left the man, she did not mention how she married Xu Jinshan in the end.

Xu Xiyan wondered if her mother was forced to do that, and if there were any other reasons that she did not know of.

The identity of the male protagonist was too vague for Xu Xiyan to find out who he was.

Xu Xiyan could only leave it aside and hope that one day she could find him.

Xu Xiyan purposely went to look for Xu Jinshan to learn about her twin sibling.

Xu Jinshan was living the worst of his life, it was as if he was a walking corpse.

He had a mask on his face and hid under the table when Xu Xiyan came in.

“Come out! I’m not here for trouble,” Xu Xiyan said. “I have something to ask you.”

“What… what is it?” Xu Jinshan asked as he peeked his head out.

“When you married my mother, did you know that she had my twin inside of her belly? Do you know where the other child is now?”

Since Xu Jinshan’s face was badly burned, Xu Xiyan could not see his expression, but she did notice that he knew something in his eyes.

“You better tell me the whole thing or I’m going to break your arm!” Xu Xiyan scolded as she kicked the table.

“All right! All right! I’ll talk. You’re right, it’s a twin.”

“Where is the other child? A boy or a girl? Where is he or she now?”


[1] The Chinese for Sceneries is “Feng Jing.”

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