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The reporters had a lot of questions, but Xu Xiyan did not even answer a single one. She lifted her skirt and quickly walked up the stairs.

However, she had probably gone up the stairs too hastily. When she finally reached the top of the stairs, one of her heels slipped off her foot.

Not only did it fall off her foot, but it went tumbling all the way down the steps.

Xu Xiyan had no choice but to stop. She looked back at the disobedient high heel and suddenly felt impending doom.

Damn it, I’m going to be a laughing stock.

Usually on the red carpet, it is common to see female stars having blunders such as tripping themselves or a wardrobe malfunction, and they would end up on the news headlines. But this wasn’t a red-carpet event and to lose a shoe there would be very embarrassing.

The reporters on both sides caught a rare sight of an actor’s blooper and began to snap away.

Xu Xiyan was at a loss whether to run down barefoot for her shoe or continue walking barefoot up the stairs. Either way, she was definitely going to be a laughing stock no matter what she did.

Just as she was hard pressed with worry, a tall white figure appeared in the crowd. The man wore a silver mask and a white tuxedo. Before anyone realized what was going on, he had already bent over to pick up the high heel from the ground and then went up the steps.

The reporters were very sharp-eyed and many of them had recognized the man’s outfit—it was exactly how Ni Yun had dressed at Xue Yating’s concert that night.

“It’s Ni Yun!”

“It’s really Ni Yun! Ni Yun has actually come!”

“Is he going to help her put on her shoe? How gallant!”

“It seems their relationship is real! Quick! Photograph them!”

Under the spotlight, Huo Yunshen, who was disguised as Ni Yun, walked up to the woman standing at the top of the stairs and got down before her on one knee.

He let Xu Xiyan hold onto his shoulder to steady herself, then helped put on her high-heel.

The reporters captured every meticulous and thoughtful gesture the man made for her. Many of the female reporters began to envy Jing Xi that she was able to have Ni Yun as a boyfriend and the main point was that Ni Yun was really intimate.

Originally, the reporters were focused on Jing Xi’s blunder of losing her shoe. But now, all their attention was shifted towards Ni Yun’s gallant and heroic act of saving a beauty in distress.

After the man helped Xu Xiyan put on her high heel, he stood up and naturally offered his arm.

Xu Xiyan saw his gesture and understood it. She reached out and took his arm.

Both of them looked like a couple regardless of their height or fashion.

To those who were uninformed and watching this scene, there was really a feeling that the couple was about to enter a church for their wedding.

They walked into the studio together, turning away the paparazzi and reporters behind them.

Privately, Xu Xiyan patted her chest and said in re

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