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“My dear wife, do you know how attractive you are tonight?” Huo Yunshen asked. “I really want to rip your dress and…”

But before Huo Yunshen could finish his sentence, Xu Xiyan stopped him and said, “Stop! It’ll be bad if Tingting comes back and sees us. You should get another room!”

Xu Xiyan was staying at the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in D City with Xue Yating. It has two floors, and guests could see the whole city from above. She was worried about Huo Yunshen taking over the room like it was his.

“She should be the one who should get another room. I want to sleep with my wife.”

Huo Yunshen arrogantly kissed her without even taking his mask off.

Both of them were too immersed in their kisses that they did not hear the door open.

Xue Yating had just come back from the venue and swiped her keycard to open the door.

“I’m beat!” Xue Yating sighed as she took her heels off. She thought she heard something in the bedroom and wanted to check it out.

“Tingting is back, let me go,” Xu Xiyan said as she pushed Huo Yunshen away.

Xu Xiyan heard someone taking off her shoes and knew that it was Xue Yating.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m just doing my job.”

Huo Yunshen did not let her go and continued to kiss her.

Xue Yating pushed open the door and quickly blocked her view with her hands as soon as she saw Huo Yunshen sitting on top of Xu Xiyan.

“Oh my god! Mr. Huo! Can you at least respect me being your ex-blind date?” Xue Yating scolded.

Xu Xiyan felt so awkward that she quickly covered her face with the blanket.

Huo Yunshen turned to look at her and said, “Of course I can. That’s why you should go and get another room, I’m going to commandeer this.”

There was no way Xue Yating would stay even if he let her.

“Fine! Then I won’t be disturbing both of you. Have fun!” Xue Yating smiled and left. She closed the door behind her and could not help but to feel jealous.

She was envious that they could find the person that suited each other and loved each other.

She wondered where her prince charming could be.

She touched her belly without thinking about it. There was a little life in there who she still has no idea who the child’s father was.

Xue Yating sighed and left. Yet the first thing she did was not to get another room, but instead, she went to Ni Xuelin’s room. She wanted her assistant to give an explanation of everything that had happened at the event.

Xue Yating rang the doorbell, but no one opened it. Just as she was troubled by it, a group of people came towards her.

They were a group of bodyguards, and they were holding a girl in custody. It was Xue Yating’s assistant, Ni Xuelin.

“Miss Xue, we found your assistant trying to escape. Luckily we caught her in time,” Yi Xiao said as the bodyguards threw all Ni Xuelin with her belongings and passport on the ground.

Xue Yating looked at the girl sitting on the floor and laughed coldly, “Xu

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