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Xu Xiyan realized what he was subtly implying and her face flushed red. She said bashfully as she was nestled in his arms, “Oh you! How could I say it!”

“Say it! I want to hear it!”

The man closed in towards her unyieldingly, forcing her back to a wall and finally trapping her in a kabedon.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, our daughter’s watching!”

Their positions looked very suggestive. He was already seducing her this early in the morning.

Xu Xiyan was worried that they would be seen by their daughter. She quickly pushed him away and ran away from his arms bashfully.

Huo Yunshen curved his lips in delight as she watched the delicate woman walking away, feeling very embarrassed. Even if his looks were factored out, he was still extremely confident when it came to his skills in bed.

Loving her, spoiling her, and satisfying her—these were the driving forces of his life.

After breakfast, someone came knocking at the door.

This time, it was Tang Feimo who had knocked on the door. The little boy was sporting a brand-new school uniform, looking handsome. He saw Xu Xiyan at the door and said sweetly, “Mama Jing, is Cherry at home? I’ve come to go to school with her.”

Oh my, he had even started to call her Mama Jing.

Xu Xiyan let out a long sigh inwardly. Children these days are really precocious. The boy already knew how to build a good relationship with his future mother-in-law. What was their future going to be like?

“Ying Bao is home. Come on in!”

Xu Xiyan led Tang Feimo into the house and shouted into the house, “Ying Bao, look who’s here!”

Ying Bao had been waiting for Tang Feimo. She had thought that he was not coming for her and she was idly passing the time playing with her little pet turtle alone.

When she heard that Tang Feimo had come, she shot up to her feet and toddled over to them happily, calling out to him in a babyish voice, “Big Brother Feimo! Baby thought you were not coming!”

“How could I not! I’m a man of my word. I’ve already promised that I would definitely come for you,” Tang Feimo said as he thumped at his chest, acting just like a small adult.

Ying Bao took Tang Feimo’s hand and said happily to him, “Big Brother Feimo, from this day onwards, Baby is a kindergartener. You have to call Baby by her official name. You can’t call Baby by her nickname anymore!”

“Your official name is Huo Yinyin?”

“Yup! My Daddy gave the name to me,” Ying Bao said very proudly.

Tang Feimo scratched his head, then said reluctantly, “But I still prefer to call you Cherry. The name Cherry is so cute. Whenever I hear it I feel like eating you up in one go.”

Since Tang Feimo preferred to call her by her nickname, Ying Bao readily agreed to it. “Oh alright, Baby gives you permission to call me by my nickname.”

“Thank you,” Tang Feimo said happily.

“Let’s go, it’s time to go to school.”

Xu Xiyan escorted the two children out. Outside, Huo Yunshen and Tang Yi

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