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Both Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan looked at the other four adults in disdain.

Tang Feimo looked at the adults and then at the table and asked, “Where’s the dog food?”

All the adults laughed at him for being too serious.

“I know, I know,” Ying Bao said. “Daddy feeding mummy and Uncle Tang feeding Aunty Liang means feeding dog food. Only adults could do that.”

“Then how about us kids?”

“We can… feed cat food!”

Ying Bao used to feed cat food to Wang Dazhi and Fang Xiaocheng and was experienced in doing it.

She pulled Tang Feimo over by his clothes and kissed his cheek.

“See, this is cat food,” Ying Bao said.

Tang Feimo touched his cheek and said, “Can I have more?”

“Of course,” Ying Bao said and kissed another two times on his cheek. “Have enough?”


Tang Feimo was so happy that his face started to turn red.

Huo Yunshen looked at his daughter giving away kisses like it was nothing and quickly warned, “Cherry, you can’t simply give out cat food like that, okay?”

“Okay!” Ying Bao nodded. “I’ll only give it to Brother Feimo.”

Other adults were laughing at the kids while Huo Yunshen sat there like something was off.

My little daughter… you’re still too young…

Huo Yunshen could already picture Ying Bao growing up into a pretty lady and being taken away by Tang Feimo.

After the guests had left, the three of them finally had some quality family time.

The adults played chess with Ying Bao for a while until it was time for Ying Bao to shower and go to bed.

Ying Bao was still the same. She lay in the middle of the bed and asked her parents to lay beside her.

Both of them lay down, and Huo Yunshen told her a story.

It was a quiet and touching night. and Xu Xiyan took some time off the next day and went to meet Huang Guoqiang at his office.

Huang Guoqiang’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw Xu Xiyan in a white top and bottom.

“Jing Xi, looks like you’re quite famous now,” Huang Guoqiang said. “I’ve already seen the advertising film, I have to say, it’s really good.”

“Thank you,” Xu Xiyan said. “It was all thanks to you though. If you did not give me a chance during the audition, I would’ve never found the success I have today.”

Huang Guoqiang still remembered how Xu Xiyan chased after his car asking for a shot at the movie.

“No, it was you who did all the hard work,” Huang Guoqiang smiled awkwardly.

“But if we want to compare success, yours should be higher,” Xu Xiyan said while giving Huang Guoqiang a thumbs up. “‘Red Sleeved Beauty’ has broken the audience rating record.”

“And you’re a part of it too.”

“Director Huang, is there anything you want from me today?” Xu Xiyan asked, finally changing the topic. “If you keep on praising me, I might get embarrassed.”

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