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“Yes!” the crowd shouted, eager to hear Xu Xiyan play.

They’d finally controlled the situation and successfully shifted the audience’s attention.

The audience had completely forgotten about the fake Xue Yating and were more focused on hearing Jing Ruyue’s daughter play the violin.

“Thank you for your understanding,” Xu Xiyan said as she bowed. “I would also like to thank everyone for remembering my mother. Then, I’ll start with the ‘Wedding Dress of Dream’ to express my gratitude to everyone here.”

Xu Xiyan began to play the music that had made her mother famous.

The audience started to immerse themselves into Xu Xiyan’s music. It was as if they were listening to the wind on a highland, as if they were riding through a huge grassland on a horse, as if they were hearing the sound of a stream gushing through the mountain creeks.

Xu Xiyan was captivating the audience with her slight hands on the violin.

The audience loved her music, and the uproar caused by someone else slowly died down.

They wanted to hear more from Xu Xiyan as they asked for her to play another song.

It was at that moment Xue Yating walked back up to the stage as a host and said, “I’m happy to let everyone know that I have the honor to invite a special guest to play with Jing Xi today. Everyone, please welcome, Ni Yun!”

The whole crowd was shocked as soon as they heard the name.

Xu Xiyan could not believe that Huo Yunshen would come to save her. But he really was there; it was not a dream.

The door opened, and a man in a white suit and a silver mask on his face came in and walked towards Xu Xiyan.

She could still remember how she and Huo Yunshen had played together when they were celebrating Huo Xun’s birthday. She always fantasized about being able to play with him again, and now her dream had come true.

Even the audience was in awe.

Everyone had heard his songs and most were his fans, but none of them had actually met Ni Yun in person.

The influence that Xue Yating had in order to be able to invite Ni Yun over soon covered the scandal of her finding a double.

“Oh my god… Is he the real thing?”

“He’s so tall and so handsome!”

“I love his songs so much! I would die just to be able to meet him once!”

The crowd began to chant Ni Yun’s name.

The man walked up to the stage in front of thousands of people. Even though his face was hidden behind the mask, people could make out that he had a handsome face under it.

His elegant walk and unrestrained charm instantly made him the prince charming to the women at the scene as they shrieked at his sight.

Xu Xiyan looked at him as he closed in on her. The only thought she had on her mind was, Wait, is he trying to steal my spotlight?

The staff moved a black piano onto the center of the stage, and Huo Yunshen walked towards it. He sat down and turned to look at Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan understood what he meant and stood next to the piano, her violin r

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