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Huo Yunshen took off his seat belt and put on some music on the car radio. He leaned over and covered Xu Xiyan’s eyes with an eye mask, then kissed her on the lips. “Close your eyes and take a rest for a while now, Dear. I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay, please be careful.”

She listened to him and waited in the car obediently. She knew that he was going to deal with the group of men outside.

He must not want her to see a bloody scene.

But they had come in about seven or eight cars, and about four or five men got out from each car.

In terms of numbers, he was fighting against very heavy odds.

Xu Xiyan didn’t want Huo Yunshen to be injured. She secretly decided that at the same time she contacted Yi Xiao for back up, she would not sit idly by. If necessary, she would get out of the car and fight alongside Huo Yunshen.

After Huo Yunshen got out of the car, about thirty men quickly surrounded him.

His eyes darkened as he stared at them icily. He said to them coldly, “Who are you people?”

A leader among them said to him arrogantly, “Your killers.”

“You were sent by Mo Yutian?” Huo Yunshen asked again.

No one answered, but just by looking at their wicked eyes and arrogant attitudes, he could tell that they were working under an employer.

The leader spat and stepped one foot up onto the bumper of a car and said, “If you know him, come crawl underneath my legs. I might let a dog such as you live!”

The others laughed wildly. They saw Huo Yunshen as a weak and helpless little sheep.

Huo Yunshen’s gaze became icier as the men continued to laugh madly. A dark, ominous aura gradually seeped out of him, enveloping his body with a terrifying chill.

He had become something completely different from his usual gentle self. Now, darkness draped around him just like Satan, a premonition that a bloodbath was about to come.

Those men had no idea they were to meet their doom today.

A sharp blade appeared in Huo Yunshen’s right hand. The leader of the men was still laughing when he saw a shadow flashing before him, and his smile froze on his face. A long and thin wound had appeared across his neck. His throat was cut and he was no longer breathing.

“Thump!” The man collapsed to the ground, sending dust flying upward.

The other men were shocked and terrified at what they saw. Their leader was… dead in an instant.

“Anyone else want to try?” Huo Yunshen asked grimly.

The men looked at each other. No one dared to challenge him alone. Then, one of them mustered a little courage and shouted out, “Attack him together!”

In the blink of an eye, the men charged towards Huo Yunshen like a swarm of bees out of their nest, closing in on him from all directions.

Huo Yunshen unleashed his wrath, as though once again his glory as the fighter who had single-handedly taken down the Tiwana mafia gang a few years ago was returning to him.

He lay waste to them no matter if they came one by one or two

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