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The three of them arrived at the private hospital, and Xu Xiyan escorted the other two to the preparation rooms.

“Are you two sure about this? Do any of you want some more time to think about it?” Xu Xiyan asked as they were about to sign the agreement for the surgery.

Both of them assured her that it was what they wanted.

They had troubles that were hidden deep in their hearts.

Xue Yating could never give birth to a stranger’s kid because of her family.

While Ni Xuelin would never risk giving birth to the child of an asshole. She was afraid that he would use her child to threaten her.

There weren’t many women in this world that would dare to be pregnant for 9 months and give birth to a child on their own.

Examples like Xu Xiyan who could do that were almost like something that would only appear in fiction.

They signed the agreement and proceeded to the surgery room.

At that moment, a car quickly stopped in front of the hospital, and a man rushed out of it.

He frowned and walked into the hospital at a fast pace as if the floor was on fire.

He asked for directions to the abortion section and ran towards it.

A sign saying “No men allowed” was hung outside the gynecology and obstetrics surgery room.

And yet the man broke through the door.

“I’m really sorry…” An Xianming apologized to a nurse as he had knocked her things over. His heart was racing at the fastest pace of his life.

He went through the rooms one by one, looking for a girl that he was familiar with.

Because of his actions, the nurses had already alerted the security.

Just as he was about to push open the door to the surgery room, he was stopped by nurses and guards.

“Let me go!” An Xianming shouted. “I have to go in! Let me in…”

No one realized that he was a world famous Chinese director, and only treated him as someone who had broken the law.

The guards and nurses tried their best to throw him out of the hospital.

It was at that moment when Xu Xiyan escorted Xue Yating out of the bathroom.

Xue Yating instantly recognized An Xianming and asked Xu Xiyan, “Hey, is that my uncle?”

“It looks like him,” Xu Xiyan said.

An Xianming was like a beast trying to escape the people surrounding him. Veins on his forehead and arms were popping out.

They were curious as to why An Xianming would suddenly appear in the hospital and was causing a scene.


An Xianming suddenly heard a voice that he was familiar with and his body shook.

He stopped fighting and turned his head, looking at Xue Yating and Xu Xiyan who were staring at him.

“Please let him go, he’s my family,” Xue Yating said, and the guards and nurses left.

An Xianming stood still, staring at Xue Yating’s pale and thin face with his reddened eyes. At that moment, he could feel his heart tightening up.

“Uncle, are you all right? Why are you here?”

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