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According to Chu Tian’s statement, he confessed how Ning Xi had hired killers to murder Xiao Yuche. The police had arrested her according to law.

The truth of Xiao Yuche’s death had finally come to light. The murderer had also received the punishment he deserved, and Xiao Yuqian could finally put down the burden of her heart she had carried for many years.

She stood before her younger brother’s grave and placed a bouquet of white flowers on it, representing her grief for her brother.

Someone came over and placed a hand on Xiao Yuqian’s shoulder from behind. The man said to the youth in the grave, “Yuche, you can rest assured that from now on, I’ll take good care of your sister for you. You can rest in peace in heaven.”

Xiao Yuqian glanced at the hand on her shoulder. For the first time, she did not push him away. Right now, she was at a loss as to what kind of mentality she should face Ma Haodong with.

Could all the time lost wallowing in hatred in those six years be redeemed?

How was she going to choose between Ma Haodong and Guan Hao now?

Furthermore, even if she gave Ma Haodong a chance, how could his family accept her?

There were still many problems entangled between them. She was no longer young anymore. How was she going to get into the mood to burden herself with matters of love and romance?

It was September and it was the beginning of a new school semester.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen had fully prepared everything for their daughter Ying Bao’s admission to school.

Ying Bao was going to attend a kindergarten which was in affiliation with the Peijing Experimental Primary School. The teachers and reputation of this school were the best in the whole of Peijing. The environment was also very good and it was also not far from home.

Tang Feimo had been in this school for first grade. Now that the new semester was starting, he was going to start second grade. Ying Bao was directly starting from pre-kindergarten due to her age.

Today was the first day of school.

The family had woken early in the morning. Huo Yunshen was preparing a hearty breakfast for his wife and daughter. Xu Xiyan helped her daughter to put on a beautiful new dress and tied her hair into a cute little braid.

Xu Xiyan leaned her face close to her daughter’s as they looked in the mirror together. She couldn’t help but praise her, “Wow, our little Princess Cherry is really beautiful!”

“Thank you, Mommy, you are very beautiful too!” Ying Bao tilted her head and kissed her mother on her cheek.

After spending some time exchanging affections with her daughter, she took her daughter’s hand and led her out of the room. “Come Baby, let’s see what delicious foods Daddy has made.”

In the dining room, Huo Yunshen was setting breakfast on the table. He looked up and saw both mother and daughter wearing a matching parent-child outfit. The big one was bright-eyed and indescribably beautiful, and the little one was so

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