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[Voilin Goddess Hires Double (picture)]

Under the title was the Xue Yating’s report after her accident. Her report clearly stated that she could not play the violin for another year.

Another part of the news was proof of Xue Yating looking for a double on the black market.

One of the fans stood up, pointed at Xu Xiyan and shouted, “She’s not Xue Yating! She’s a fake!”

Xu Xiyan put her hand down and looked at the fan as he continued to shout, “She’s a liar! A fake! She’s hired by Xue Yating to play in her place!”

The whole room became noisy as audience members began to discuss the news.

“She’s fake? Do you have proof?”

“There’s no way Xue Yating would hire someone to play in her place!”

“Look at her! She looks just like Xue Yating! There’s no way she’s a fake!”

“Read the news! Everything is on there! Xue Yating has found a double on the black market!”

“Doesn’t that mean we’ve been scammed?”

“That’s right! I want a refund!”

Some even shouted for Xu Xiyan to get off the stage.

The whole situation had gone out of control.

Some of the fans even tried to jump onto the stage but were stopped by the bodyguards that had been prepared by Huo Yunshen.

As the fans could not get near the stage, people began to throw things at Xu Xiyan.

The host quickly ran up to the stage and asked Xu Xiyan to back up a little. Yet, after a moment of thought, Xu Xiyan took hold of the microphone to control the situation.

“All of our honored guests, please, listen to me!:

The crowd finally quieted down.

“If you have doubts about who I am, then I can prove to you through my violin! Please do not believe what the news has said!”

“But the news mentioned that Xue Yating could not play the violin for another year due to her injuries! Yet, here you are! Why don’t you remove your make-up and prove to us you are who you say you are!” one of the fans shouted.

Other fans also started to chant for Xu Xiyan to remove her make-up.

There was no other choice for Xu Xiyan. No matter what she chose to do, her identity would’ve been exposed.

Just as the situation was once again out of control, a person ran up onto the stage.

It was Xue Yating.

The crowd roared louder as soon as there was two Xue Yatings standing on stage.

Because of their similar dresses and make-up, it was as if there was a mirror on the stage.

It could only mean one thing: one of them was a fake.

Xue Yating took the microphone and calmly said, “Is everything clear now? What if I told you that she’s my long lost sister? Would you guys believe it?”

Everyone remained silent, waiting for the climax to arrive.

“That’s right, I did injure my hand in the accident and could not play the violin for another year. I did this because I did not want to step down from the stage.”

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