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The wife of her boss had come; why the need to call up the president’s office first anyway? Wandou directly took Xu Xiyan to Xiao Yuqian’s office.

She knocked on the door then opened it. Wooah! They saw an outrageous scene in the office.

Ma Haodong was also present. The first few buttons of his shirt were undone, exposing a vast piece of sexy honey-colored skin. He had trapped Xiao Yuqian with both of his arms firmly in her seat. They were so close that they could breathe in each other’s breaths.

Was he trying to show off his sexiness to Xiao Yuqian?

“President Xiao!” Wandou called out to her.

After Xiao Yuqian heard her voice, she regained her wits and kicked Ma Haodong away as though she saw a ghost.

Ma Haodong was so close in seducing Xiao Yuqian but Wandou had ruined his chance. Furthermore, his little Qianqian had kicked him. He was so frustrated that he felt like killing someone now!

“Is something the matter?” Xiao Yuqian asked as she sat up straight and recomposed herself, completely ignoring Ma Haodong as though he was air.

Since the expiration of Ma Haodong’s contract with Huayin, he no longer belonged to any company. Every day he would pester Xiao Yuqian to let him join Jingyue Entertainment and come hang out in her office. He was really annoying.

If it was possible, she really felt like sending him to outer space.

“Miss Jing Xi is looking for you.”

After reporting the matter, Wandou left the office.

Xu Xiyan poked her head in and smiled cheekily, “So sorry, did I come at a bad time? Have I disturbed you two in sharing a good time?”

“What are you talking about? Come in and talk.” Xiao Yuqian waved at her, then said to Ma Haodong, “Alright, I have to work now. Get lost from my sight now!”

“Heartless woman!” Ma Haodong muttered as he walked away. As much as he didn’t want to leave, he still had to obey her.

Anyway, he sensed that Xiao Yuqian was not as hateful towards him as she’d been in the beginning. This meant that his persistent stalking was still very effective.

Yup, he should remain determined and continue to stick with her until she accepted him.

Just as Ma Haodong was leaving, Xu Xiyan dragged and flung Chu Tian into the office. “Brother Dong, don’t go just yet. This has something to do with you too,” she said.

Ma Haodong raised an eyebrow at her. Aha! He knew it! His revolutionary friendship with Jing Xi was no bluster. He knew she would always try to create opportunities for him.

Oh, Jing Xi is really such lovely girl!

Ma Haodong naturally stayed behind. He looked at the man on the ground and asked Jing Xi, “What happened? What did this person do? Is he a hooligan?” Ma Haodong gave Chu Tian a kick on his butt as he spoke.

Xu Xiyan went straight to business. She looked at Ma Haodong, then at Xiao Yuqian, asking them seriously, “Brother Dong, Sister Qianqian, do you still remember the band ‘MAX?’”

“We remember,” The two almost answered in un

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