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“I’m sorry to have lied to everyone for so long. But I’m here to tell you all that it’ll be worth it to hear my double play the violin,” Xue Yating said.

Most of the audience quieted down, but some still chanted for Xu Xiyan to remove her make-up as they were curious who she really was.

Xue Yating communicated with Xu Xiyan through her eyes and continued. “Since everyone is so eager to know who she really is, then I’ll have the make-up artist remove her make-up.”

“Yes!” the audience replied.

The fans would never let Xu Xiyan off that easily. It probably would be the first time an artist removed her make-up in front of a huge audience.

Asking a celebrity to remove her make-up and show her real face to thousands of people was like asking her to take off her clothes.

Yet Xu Xiyan was not afraid of it. She and Xue Yating had already discussed that if they couldn’t lie to the fans anymore, they would gladly accept the outcome,

Xue Yating invited the make-up artist onto the stage, and Xu Xiyan began to remove her make-up while Xue Yating continued to talk with the audiences.

“I would like to apologize for everything that has happened till this day,” Xue Yating said. “I would also like to announce that I’ll be leaving the stage for good. This is what you could say is my last performance.”

Everyone remained silent.

Just as they were still talking about the double that Xue Yating hired, she suddenly announced that she’d retire.

“Since this is my last performance, I would like to leave a good impression for everyone here,” Xue Yating continued. “That is why I’ll ask my best partner to perform in my place for one last time.”

At that moment, Xu Xiyan had her back to the audiences as she removed her make-up.

“Everyone might’ve heard of this person. Jing Ruyue…does anyone still remember her?” Xue Yating asked.

There was no way no one knew who Jing Ruyue was.

She was the violinist that had shocked the whole world when she was still alive.

Everyone was stunned and curious as to what the legendary violinist had to do with the partner Xue Yating mentioned.

“Jing Ruyue was the goddess of music, a violinist that once made her name known to the whole world,” Xue Yating explained. “It was unfortunate that she passed away 10 years ago. But the one standing next to me right now is Jing Ruyue’s daughter, Jing Xi!”

As soon as Xue Yating announced who her partner was, the crowd exploded. Everyone was familiar with the name “Jing Xi.”

She was the most promising newcomer in the entertainment industry.

“I guess everyone knows who she is. But truth be told, the reason that Jing Xi is standing on this stage right now is not only because of me, but more because she wants to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. She wanted to let everyone hear the touching music her mother used to play.”

Xu Xiyan had finished removing her make-up and slowly turned to the crowd.

It really is Jing Xi! the crowd gas

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