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“Daddy, you have to be vigilant. Don’t let Mommy be taken away by other uncles!”

“She won’t be,” Huo Yunshen was already standing up as he said that. He stroked his daughter’s head and said, “Take your time to finish your meal, Baby. Daddy is going to see who was looking for your mommy.”

When he got to the living room, Xu Xiyan had returned. She was holding a large bouquet of beautiful arum-lilies in her arms.

He could tell that she was in a particularly good mood after receiving the flowers. The corners of her mouth were curved upwards and her eyebrows were even smiling. When she saw Huo Yunshen, she said bashfully to him, “Oh, just look at you. Sending flowers to me this early in the morning. Aren’t the flowers in our garden beautiful enough?”

“…” After hearing her words, Huo Yunshen’s face darkened.

Today was not a holiday, and he had not ordered flowers for his wife. Who had sent her these flowers?

Huo Yunshen said nothing and directly took the bouquet from Xu Xiyan’s arms. He turned and looked over the bouquet before pulling out a small card that read:

[Dear Miss Yim, do you have time tonight? Would you care to join me for dinner? This is my private number: xxxxxxx. I look forward to your reply.]

There was a signature at the bottom corner of the card: Mo.

It was Mo Yutian!

Huo Yunshen did not expect that Mo Yutian had already found out about their place of residence. It seemed that his rival had resorted to some means for this information.

“The flowers weren’t from you?”

Xu Xiyan noticed that something was not right from his expression. She reached out and took the card from him. “What’s written on it?”

Huo Yunshen did not show her the contents of the card and crumpled it into a ball. He then strode out of the door with the flowers.

“Thump!” The door slammed shut as he went out. Before a minute had passed, he returned.

Xu Xiyan saw that his hands were empty. “Where are the flowers?”

“I’ve thrown them away.”

“Why did you throw them away? It was such a big bouquet of flowers.”

Xu Xiyan had already guessed who had sent the flowers. It was most likely Mo Yutian.

She did not expect that Mo Yutian would send her flowers, but she just felt that there was nothing wrong with the flowers. What a waste to throw them away!

“If you like flowers, I can give you flowers every day.” His thick and ink-dark eyebrows scrunched up tight together as he shouldered past her. Then, he added, “From now on, you will not accept any flowers from anyone except for me.”

He was really getting more and more domineering!

Xu Xiyan watched him exude bitterness as he turned his back on her. She jogged up to him. “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Are you jealous?”

Huo Yunshen shot her a cold look, then reached out to grab her wrist. His tone was not pleasant. “Yes, that’s right. So what if I’m jealous? Tell me, did you know him first, or did you know me first?”


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