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“Who knows, President, maybe Mo Yutian only wanted to step foot into the entertainment industry and have a piece of the pie,” Yi Xiao said, sharing his opinion.

If this was the case, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But somehow, Huo Yunshen’s intuition kept telling him that something was not right.

He looked at Mo Yutian’s photo. He had a feeling that he had seen the man before, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Huo Yunshen rubbed his chin. A sharp glimmer of light flashed across his eyes. “This man, Mo Yutian… go find out more about him. Also, track Tianyu’s every single move and immediately report to me anything you find.”

Huo Yunshen always trusted his instincts. As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry. He had to be more vigilant in the face of this competitor who had suddenly appeared unannounced.

“Our men have also found out that Tianyu has also invested in Huang Guoqiang’s new film “The Beauty of the World,” the same film the Huo Group has invested in.”

“I see. We must protect and maintain our position as the major shareholder.”


The purpose of Tianyu’s follow-up investment in the film was nothing more than to gain influencing power in the industry. If that was the case, Huo Yunshen still had to protect his position as the major shareholder. He mustn’t give Tianyu an opening they could take advantage of.

He always had a hunch that Mo Yutian was up to no good.

Huo Yunshen put down the report and stood. “Is everything ready?” he said again.

“Yes, it’s ready.”

“Let’s go then!”

Today was the hungry ghost festival. Xu Xiyan had planned to bring her daughter to pay respects to her mother and Huo Yunshen was going to accompany them.

He had gotten Yi Xiao to prepare all the things required for the ritual as well as fresh flowers. He set off to pick up his wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, at Shengshi Yujing, Xu Xiyan and her daughter wore black-colored clothing complete with black hats on their heads, bringing out the whiteness of their fair skin.

Ying Bao leaned on the window sill and looked out at the road outside. She asked her mother, “Mommy, why is Daddy not coming back yet?”

“He is coming back soon. Be a little more patient.”

As soon Xu Xiyan finished her words, they heard the rumble of a car engine coming from outside. Seeing that her father’s car had returned, Ying Bao immediately slid down from the chair and toddled off happily to greet her father.

When the door opened, Huo Yunshen appeared. Ying Bao spread out her little hands, craned her little face up and cried out, “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Hey Cherry!”

Ying Bao was very happy to see her father, but she was even more happy to see Tang Feimo standing behind her father. “Eh? Big Brother Feimo, why have you come?”

Tang Feimo came out from behind Huo Yunshen, grinning as he explained, “Cherry, I’ve come here to tell you that my family has moved over here. From now on, we can me

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