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Ma Haodong had already agreed to be the male lead of the film. They’d already confirmed the cast for every character except for Qi Liya’s part as the female lead.

Xu Xiyan had asked Qi Liya out for a coffee at a very chill and quiet café.

Qi Liya came wearing a one-piece linen dress and a small rounded hat. She had sunglasses on and had tied her hair into a braid. She looked sweet and yet did not lose her elegance.

“Only a few days have passed since we last met and you’ve become prettier,” Xu Xiyan praised.

“You and your sweet mouth,” Qi Liya laughed as she sat. One look at her face and anyone would know that she was leading a happy life.

All because she was in love.

After she had started to date Huang Guoqiang officially, she noticed Huang Guoqiang was quite the romantic person. Not only was he careful about every detail, but he also took good care of her.

Even though they might not be as young as they used to be, their time together was like the love story of teenagers, like their first love, and it was pretty.

Huang Guoqiang made her life whole. There were too many regrets when she dated Peng Sicheng in secret, and they were all being reversed by Huang Guoqiang one by one.

“Are you going to act after finishing ‘Red-Sleeved Beauty?’” Xu Xiyan asked. She remembered that Qi Liya had told the reporters that she would be leaving the acting industry for a while.

“I don’t think I have any plans after that,” Qi Liya answered. “I think I want to take a good rest.”

Qi Liya rarely had free time as an actress, and she felt that she had given too much of her youth to acting. She decided not to continue down the road that she was on.

“That’s too bad,” Xu Xiyan sighed. “I was hoping for you to play the female lead in a new film.”

Xu Xiyan respected Qi Liya’s decision, but she felt that it was a waste of Qi Liya’s own talent as she was born for the screen.

“A female lead? What’s the title of the film?” Qi Liya asked curiously.

“It’s an online teen film. The title is ‘Those Beautiful Bygone Days.’ I thought that you’re really suitable to play the female lead and that’s why I asked.”

“Who’s the director?”

Qi Liya never took part in any teen films. Most of her acting roles were in historical period dramas or films and the new genre really piqued her curiosity.

“It’s a newcomer. I have the script with me here, have a look.”

Qi Liya took the script and read it. She noticed that the teen film took place during the characters’ high school life which would allow her to recall her memories of her high school days.

Qi Liya thought the script was interesting and asked, “I’ve never heard of this director, Lu Zeyan. And this studio, Jinxi Studio… is it yours?”

Xu Xiyan answered Qi Liya’s question with a smile.

“That really is a surprise. You’ve become the boss of a studio!” Qi Liya exclaimed. “All right, since it’s your film, I’ll agree to play the female lead. And I don’t need any r

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