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Xu Xiyan woke up around noon.

She pulled her body, which was in pain, out of bed and looked at the bite marks on her body. She could not help but wonder if she really had a lion as her husband.

Her clothes had already been placed beside the bed. She put on her clothes and went to clean herself up.

The cup next to the sink was already filled, and the toothbrush was already prepared for her.

She couldn’t help but feel that the wiley animal from last night and the gentle husband she had right now were two separate people.

She left the bedroom as Huo Yunshen was plating up lunch on the dining table.

He raised his head and said, “You’re awake. Let’s eat.”

“You were too wicked last night,” Xu Xiyan pouted as she sat down and enjoyed the service her man was giving.

As they were having their lunch, Xu Xiyan suddenly remembered Ying Bao and asked, “Where’s Ying Bao?”

“She’s with Ye Xun, don’t worry.”


Both of them were used to handing Ying Bao over to Ye Xun when they needed time alone. They weren’t even worried about their alone time since Ying Bao had such a good “father” taking care of her.

Yet, Ye Xun was living a hellish life in Room 104.

Ying Bao had called Tang Feimo over to Ye Xun’s house, and the two children jumped all over the house.

Ye Xun was worried that the springs in the couch might be broken because of the two kids.

He came out from the kitchen in his apron with the lunch in his hands.

He scanned the messy house as the two little children kept jumping around like two frogs, while Huo Sanyan was laughing at the TV like an idiot. Ye Xun could not help but roll his eyes.

“Hey! Huo Sanyan. Can you at least take care of the children?”

Ye Xun had just tidied his house, and it only took the time for him to prepare lunch to be messy again.

“Let them have their fun! We can change the couch if it’s broken!”

Huo Sanyan’s reply made Ye Xun wanted to choke her to death.

“Yeah, you can say that because this is not your house!”

Ye Xun simply scolded her. He had already given up and simply thought of himself as taking care of three children.

Huo Sanyan had never helped him with anything, and in return, he still had to take care of her.

Huo Sanyan could feel how Ye Xun regarded her as an outsider and quickly got up from the couch.

“Mr. Ye, why don’t you rest a while,” Huo Sanyan said. “Let me take care of the lunch.”

“It’s already done!”

Ye Xun knew that Huo Sanyan had no talent in cooking. The only talent that suited her character was eating.

“You really are the best!” Huo Sanyan laughed. “I must’ve done something good in my past life for me to find such a good husband!”

Yet Ye Xun had a different opinion. He wondered what crime he had committed in his past life for him to even meet her.

Huo Sanyan scanned the foods on the table and said, “All right children. Stop jumping, it’s time to eat!”

The two little kids jumped down fr

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