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Due to Xue Yating’s unique identity, they could only perform the abortion in secret. If word did get out, it’d be bad for her.

“All right…” Xue Yating nodded, as that was the only choice she had.

An Xianming tightened his fist as he heard them talking about abortion.

He thought that he should at least not hide and should take responsibility for his actions and for Xue Yating.

He decided in his heart that after the event, it would be time to face his brother.

There were quite a few celebrities who had RSVP’d to the event, and Ning Xin was one of them.

She attended the event as one of the candidates for the global brand representative. Since Yang Qiong was out of the picture, she still had a chance at landing the spot.

A few B and C-list celebrities all congratulated her as soon as they saw her.

“Ning Xin, you’ll definitely land the spot!”

“She’s right. Now that Yang Qiong is out, ROSUE will have to choose from the rest of the candidates. You’re the best among them, it’ll definitely be you!”

“No one ‘s even close to taking her spot!”

Ning Xin was happy to hear their praise. Even she believed that her chance was high since ROSUE’s president, Madam Lin Lan, had personally invited her to the event.

The event began with Lin Lan giving a speech.

She looked at the camera and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who are here at our launch event! We could not have made it to this day without the support from everyone for the past 20 years.”

It was a long speech and Lin Lan ended it with a video.

“I would also like to thank Director An for the advertising film that he has prepared for us. Please sit back and enjoy this year’s advertising film for ROSUE!”

Most of the guests were shocked by the sudden introduction of the film. If the film was completed, it would mean that they’d already chosen their representative.

Ning Xin was also confused by the sudden turn of events. She thought that they would be announcing her as the representative.

Lin Lan walked down the stage, and the film started to play.

The first thing that appeared on the screen was a butterfly as the crowd all focused on it.

The butterfly flew past the blue sky and white clouds, the green forest, and blue stream until the back of a beautiful girl appeared on the screen.

The girl was wearing a cheongsam during the times of the Republic of China. The girl was standing in front of a train platform as the butterfly landed on her shoulder because of the fragrance on her. She slowly turned around and looked at the butterfly.

Even though it was just for a moment, the guests were shocked by her beauty, a beauty that was enough to take their breath away.

She stared at the butterfly with her beautiful eyes as if she wanted to stop time.

Everyone was shocked by her beauty, and they began to wonder who she was.

Yet Ning Xin had already figured it out. It was

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