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Mo Yutian looked at her as he asked this question with all of his heart.

There was no way that anyone could know that the boss of the biggest criminal mercenary group had such a timid side, especially in front of the person he loved.

“I’m just doing my job. You don’t have to thank me for that.”

Xu Xiyan never took her counseling job because she wanted her patient to repay her. All she wanted to do was to show some kindness to the world.

“Is it because of my leg… that you don’t want to befriend me?” Mo Yutian asked suddenly.

“Not at all, haven’t we been friends since the beginning?”

Any person with disabilities would feel inferior to others. It was the responsibility of a normal person to understand and accept them.

If Xu Xiyan was the type of person who would avoid people with conditions, she would never have chosen to be with Huo Yunshen.

“Thank you, I’ll see you again then.”

Mo Yutian smiled and moved forward to hug her and was about to kiss her on the cheek.

Some would think that kissing on the cheek was too intimate for people that weren’t a couple.

It was at that moment Xu Xiyan heard something cut through the wind beside her ear and a punch landed on Mo Yutian’s face, sending him staggering back to his car.

Mo Yutian stood back up and wiped the blood off his lips as he raised his head and stared at the person who had punched him.

“Hubby…” Xu Xiyan was shocked that the person was Huo Yunshen. Shit, he must’ve misunderstood the whole thing…

Huo Yunshen stood between them as he clenched his fists, staring at the other man with killing intent. He was totally different from his usual chilled and relaxed self.

Huo Yunshen pulled Xu Xiyan into his arms to show that she belonged to him.

He kept staring coldly at Mo Yutian as he warned him, “Can you please explain why you kidnapped my wife? What were you planning to do?”

Huo Yunshen knew that the man in front of him was Tianyu Group’s president, Mo Yutian. He must have his reasons for making an approach on Xu Xiyan.

“Hubby, there must be some mistake here,” Xu Xiyan quickly explained. “He’s Mo Yutian, we met while I was in Estan. He’s an old friend, and he’s the one who drove me back.”

“An old friend, huh?”

Huo Yunshen sounded like he was insulting Mo Yutian. He never thought that Xu Xiyan had known Mo Yutian for a long time.

Since when? Did she meet him before she met me? These were the questions circling inside Huo Yunshen’s head as he hugged Xu Xiyan tightly.

He was not going to allow another man to have even the slightest idea of going after his wife.

“That’s right,” Mo Yutian said. “Yim is a very dear friend of mine.”

As soon as Huo Yunshen heard him calling her “Yim,” he turned to look at Xu Xiyan weirdly. He was dying to know why Mo Yutian knew her as Yim.

Not only were they old friends, but they were also close to each other.

It really did look like Mo Yutian was becoming Huo Yunshen’s l

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