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In fact, the reason why Mo Yutian had come to Peijing was not only to find the girl who had helped him in the past, but also to find out the real identity of Zeus, the murderer who had killed his brother.

Simply put, his first purpose was to repay someone’s kindness, and the second was to have revenge.

That’s right. Mo Yutian wasn’t his true identity either. His true identity was actually the world’s most hated boss of the Dark Zone—Long Xiao.

Mo Yutian was just his alias, and the Tianyu Group was also one of his means to deflect suspicion from his dark identity in public.

His real occupation was running the world’s second largest mercenary group—the Dark Zone.

The mention of the Dark Zone would give anyone a bad impression of maliciousness. The Dark Zone represented evil and darkness. Therefore, Mo Yutian would need to use a comely identity to hide his real self.

He had learned from rumors that Zeus was currently hidden in Zstan, and it was very likely that he was once the international film superstar Elvis, the former president of Yunhai Entertainment, and the current president of the Huo Group, Huo Yunshen.

This information was not tangible enough and Mo Yutian could not be sure that the superstar was responsible for killing his younger brother, Long Luo, and taking over the Dark Zone’s vast territory.

However, in order to verify this information, Mo Yutian had come in person.

Assuming that Huo Yunshen was Zeus and he was able to live in the eyes of the people as a movie king, it showed that he was very skillful in concealing himself.

Since his opponent was fond of playing stealth games, then he shall play along with him.

At the end of the day, Huo Jingtang and Mo Yutian reached an agreement. Huo Jingtang sold some of Yunhai’s shares to Tianyu and Yunhai became a subsidiary of Tianyu.

He thought he had found a new and great backer. He even planned to return to Yunhai after recovering from his injuries.

His self-confidence wasn’t unreasonable. He thought that if Huo Yunshen was able to run Yunhai while relying on a wheelchair back then, then there was no reason that he couldn’t be like him too; he could also start over and still thrive in his life.

Unfortunately, Huo Jingtang’s wishful thinking was fated to fall through.

On the day when his injuries were somewhat recovered and he was discharged from the hospital, the police came to arrest him on charges of suspected intentional assault and other various crimes.

His good days came to an end just like that. Waiting for him was an indefinite “luxury” prison sentence package, and there would also be someone—who was specially arranged by Huo Yunshen—to “serve” him on time every day.

Competition in the capital market had always followed the laws of the jungle.

Being a smaller company, Jingyue Entertainment had resorted to using clever maneuvers and successfully countered Yunhai’s attempt to acquire them in a close battle.

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