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“Yanyan? It’s really you? Are you really my granddaughter? You’ve grown so much!” old man Xu exclaimed. He was glad to be able to see his granddaughter all grown up.

“Grandpa, it’s really me. I’m here,” Xu Xiyan said as she held her grandfather’s hands.

Tears of happiness began to roll down her cheeks as her grandfather was getting better by the day.

The old man noticed a little child standing in front of his bed and asked, “Who’s this little thing?”

Before Xu Xiyan could even answer, Ying Bao quickly explained, “Great-grandpa, did you forget about me? I even gave you candy last time. How can you forget that?”

“…” old man Xu looked at the little girl but could not recall any memories of ever meeting her.

“Grandpa, she’s Ying Bao, my daughter, your great-granddaughter,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

“Great-granddaughter?” old man Xu repeatedly said and finally realize something. “Yanyan is married? And you even have a child now?”

“Yes, she’s four now.”

Old man Xu regretted not being able to attend his granddaughter’s wedding but only for an instant.

“As long as you’re happy, then everything will be fine,” he said.

The little girl played with the old man until he fell asleep, and they went back home.

It was time for Xu Xiyan to take care of work-related stuff.

The third largest entertainment company in Peijing, Juxing Entertainment, was about to have a huge change in their policies.

The whole management had fallen after Chu Yuhe was sentenced to life and Huo Sanyan quickly took the spot of Juxing’s CEO.

The first thing she did was to take care of Juxing’s internal problems, changing bad policies and offering new shares, all to bring Juxing back to the right path. It was as if she was giving a new soul to the whole company.

Huo Sanyan was completely different when she was working. She was like Huo Yunshen, strong and diligent.

After the changes happened, people finally understood that the standings of the entertainment industry had changed completely.

The new company, Jingyue Entertainment, had replaced Yunhai Entertainment as the largest entertainment company.

Xu Xiyan was glad for Jingyue’s success, which she had already foreseen since Xiao Yuqian was the one handling the company.

No one would ever look down on her anymore because of the company she belonged to.

Xu Xiyan attended the ROSUE product launch event as the global brand representative.

Since she was the main character for the event, she was waiting for her cue in the resting room backstage.

Xue Yating knew that Xu Xiyan was waiting there and went there to support her.

“Tingting, what’s wrong? Why did you lose so much weight? Are you on a diet?” Xu Xiyan asked as soon as she saw Xue Yating.

Xue Yating was wearing a black dress, and Xu Xiyan could see how her body was. Even Xue Yating’s chin was sharper than before.

Not only did she look skinny, but she also looked depressed.

“Of course not,” X

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