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He suddenly grabbed Xiao Yuqian’s hand and said, “Who did you say was the murderer? You better give me a clear explanation. What do I have to do with your brother’s death?”

Ma Haodong had always been unclear about the real reason why Xiao Yuqian had left in the past. Today, when he overheard their conversation, he finally more or less understood.

Had she left because of the death of her younger brother, Xiao Yuche?

He also wanted to know the real cause of Xiao Yuche’s death. Why did she blame him for it?

Xiao Yuqian didn’t expect that Ma Haodong would eavesdrop on them. She had nothing to say to him. Other than feeling angry and resentful, Xiao Yuqian chose to be silent too.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two. Xu Xiyan acted as a mediator and reconciled them, “It’s okay, Brother Dong. If there’re any problems we can always discuss them later. Go dress up quickly. It’s our turn to be on the stage.”

“Sorry, Jing Xi, you have to go onto the stage alone. I can’t perform with you anymore.”

Ma Haodong was not in the mood to perform. After he said that, he dragged Xiao Yuqian along with him and left the hotel.

He had to find a quiet place so he could have a good talk with her and figure out what had happened in the past.

Soon after they left, the host called out Jing Xi’s name. Xu Xiyan picked up her black cane and went onto the stage alone.

Tonight, she was going to perform a dance to the song “Historia de un Amor.” She had originally arranged it beforehand with Ma Haodong and they had agreed to perform a comedic cross-dress show together.

She was supposed to play as a man while Ma Haodong played as a woman. But now, since Ma Haodong was absent, she could only complete the show by herself.

Under the brilliant lighting and exciting music, Xu Xiyan had transformed herself into an elegant and handsome man. Using a chair as a prop, she gave a sexy yet breathtaking dance performance.

Her eyes glittered with dazzling light as though enchanted by magic.

Her dance was so full of explosive power that it was difficult to not feel like dancing along with her.

Her mouth was always smiling, because she knew that her husband and daughter were definitely watching her on the screen.

At the end of the show, the audience went wild over Xu Xiyan’s performance. Everyone cheered and gave her a standing ovation.

In the private box, her husband and daughter were also happily applauding for her.

Huo Yunshen lowered his head and asked his daughter, “Cherry, isn’t Mommy’s dancing awesome?”

“Mommy’s dancing is so awesome! She’s the best in the world!” Ying Bao’s eyes were full of admiration for her mother.

The night’s program went on and the dinner banquet had already begun as well too. Huo Yunshen picked up his daughter and said, “Come, Daddy is going to take you somewhere else to eat delicious food. After dinner, we will come pick up Mommy and give her a surprise, okay?”


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