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Huo Sanyan went to the dining room. She saw that Xu Xiyan was arranging the food on the dining table and said, “Mrs. Huo, you should teach your kid better. She unplugged our wire!”

Xu Xiyan took a glance at her daughter who was waiting patiently for the food and praised, “Job well done, Ying Bao. If the same thing ever happens again, just pull the power cord.”

“…” Huo Sanyan could feel her heart bleeding already.

“Hey, little brother,” Huo Sanyan scolded as Huo Yunshen came out from the kitchen. “Put a leash on your wife and daughter. They are becoming too bossy around here.”

“So what?” Huo Yunshen shrugged coldly. “They became like that because I want it. If you don’t like that, then you should just go home.”

“…” Oh my god! These three… I seriously have nothing to say!

“Only Mr. Ye can cure my broken heart now,” Huo Sanyan said. “Don’t get too overboard, I tell you, or else I won’t take over Juxing!”

Huo Sanyan had agreed to take over Juxing after Ye Xun told her to do so. After taking care of the assets and power transfer, Huo Sanyan would officially become the CEO of Juxing.

Yet Huo Yunshen wasn’t scared by her threat. He picked up a plate of spaghetti allo scoglio and said, “Oh well, I guess this is for the dog then.”

“Hey, hey… I’m just kidding! It will be a waste to feed this to the dog, give it to me…” Huo Sanyan quickly stopped him, as it was her favorite food and took a bite before giving a thumbs up. “This is so good! Now that you’ve fed me, just leave Juxing to me! I’ll make sure that it’ll get back on the right track.”

As they were having their dinner, Huo Sanyan turned to Xu Xiyan and asked, “Jing Xi, looks like Huo Jingtang is trying to purchase Jingyue. How about you come and work with me at Juxing?”

Before Huo Sanyan even stepped up to her position, Yunhai Entertainment had already announced that they would be purchasing Jingyue Entertainment.

The news spread throughout the entertainment industry like wildfire.

“No, thanks. I think Jingyue is doing just fine.”

Xu Xiyan felt that she owed it to Jingyue Entertainment for helping her in times of need. Plus, she also had friends like Xiao Yuqian and Wan Dou at the company; there was no way she would abandon them.

Even if she had gotten Juxing Entertainment, she did not want to give the public the impression that she was someone who would betray her benefactor for her own benefits.

She would never leave the company as long as Jingyue was still in trouble.

“But with the size of your company, Yunhai will definitely be able to purchase it,” Huo Sanyan said. “Do you think Huo Jingtang will give you an easy life if you were to work under him?”

Both Xu Xiyan and Huo Sanyan were on the bad side of Huo Jingtang because they supported Huo Yunshen.

Huo Sanyan was afraid that since Yunhai Entertainment was now an independent company without any relationship with the Huo Group, Huo Jingtang would use the chance to take h

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