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As soon as Ying Bao heard that her mum would come and pick her up after her nap, she began to eat the food faster.

Tang Feimo also did the same.

He really liked playing at Ye Xun’s house. He could even get more rice than he usually got when he ate at home.

The new semester for pre-school was about to start, and Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were thinking about sending Ying Bao to the one Tang Feimo was attending.

It was a pre-school under Shiyan Grade School. Tang Yitan’s wife, Liang Lan, was a teacher there in charge of children Ying Bao’s age.

The parents hoped that, with Liang Lan as her teacher and Tang Yitan going to class with her, Ying Bao could be helped with her hostility towards other children

Tang Feimo was really happy about it, promising his parents that he’d protect Ying Bao.

Ying Bao woke up from her nap and rubbed her eyes as she heard her mother’s voice coming from the living room.

Ye Xun had not lied to her; her mother really did come for her after her nap.

She did not wear her slippers and rushed to the living room.

“Mummy!” Ying Bao greeted.

“Hey!” Xu Xiyan greeted back as she opened her arms. “How are you today? Are you behaving well?”

“Yes! I did not jump around with brother Feimo.”

“Then I’ll take Ying Bao out, see you,” Xu Xiyan said to Ye Xun as she lifted her daughter up.

“Mummy, where are we going?” Ying Bao asked as she looked at her mother with her big and starry eyes.

“To your father, then we’ll have to register you as a resident of this country.”

Xu Xiyan met up with Huo Yunshen and headed to the police station.

They were going to register all three of them as a family so that Ying Bao could attend the new semester on time.

“Have you thought of what Ying Bao’s legal name should be?” Xu Xiyan asked on their way there.

“My friends and families have given me tons of idea, and I finally decided on the name ‘Huo Yinyin.’”

“Not bad, it’s good.”

Xu Xiyan turned to look at Ying Bao in the back seat and asked, “Ying Bao, your legal name will be Huo Yinyin, do you like it?”

“Of course,” Ying Bao smiled. “As long as it’s from daddy and mummy, I would not mind if you named me Huo Goudan!” [1]

Both of the adults laughed at how funny their daughter was.

Usually, it would take up to one month’s worth of reservation for a family to be legally registered in the system, but Huo Yunshen had taken care of that, and they could skip the whole waiting period.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan both looked at the certificate that was readily prepared at the station. The family head was Huo Yunshen, and beside him was his wife, Xu Xiyan. Ying Bao’s name, Huo Yinyin, was written in the children’s section.

“All right, Huo Yinyin, how about we go and see your great-grandpa?”

“Which great-grandpa?” Ying Bao asked as she had three great-grandfathers, two from her father’s side and one from her mother’s side.

“Your father’s grandfather.”


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