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Don’t tell me they’ve already decided that Jing Xi will be their brand’s representative? Ning Xin scolded in her head as she tightened her fist. Then why did they invite me here?

She hated Xu Xiyan. Before she could even take revenge for what Xu Xiyan did to her last time at the Imperial Hotel, Xu Xiyan had already taken away her spot as the representative.

The film continued as a soldier came into the picture. Both of them looked each other in the eyes, filled with love and memories.

In the next scene, the soldier boarded a train and left with his comrades. He waved goodbye to his wife with tears sliding down his cheeks.

Dozens of years pass, and an old man comes down from the train. On his uniform are medals that he was awarded after being apart from his wife for five decades.

Being away from home for that long, he’d already lost contact with his wife, and the first thing he did was to look for her.

He searched through many places until a butterfly brought him to her. She has the same white hair as him.

Even though a long time has passed, she still wears the same dress. It’s as if time has stopped ever since he left, as their love for each other never changed.

The film ends with the two old people holding hands. It’s the most touching moment of the entire film.

The film was just too beautiful.

Even when Xu Xiyan and her male counterpart were dressed as old people, they merged into the whole film naturally, showing the undying love that every person is seeking.

The crowd began to applaud An Xianming’s product. It was an advertisement filled with creativeness and meaning.

In reality, the concept of the whole film was from Xu Xiyan’s audition. An Xianming took the butterfly and created a perfect film.

After the film had ended, the runway show began.

Ning Xin knew that Xu Xiyan would end the runway show by coming out in a swing high up in the air.

She smiled cunningly as she saw a chance arrive for her.

Ning Xin ordered her assistant to sabotage the swing and make her fall from it. Even if Xu Xiyan did not die from the fall, she would at least break her arms and legs.

At the end of the runway, a butterfly with blue shiny wings flew up to the ceiling and was followed by many more behind it.

The guests were attracted by the sudden appearance of the real butterflies.

All of the butterflies flew in the same direction, and the guests trailed them with their eyes until the butterflies were high up in the air, when a swing came down from above with Xu Xiyan sitting on it like a goddess.

The butterflies began to dance around her as a shiny butterfly landed in her hand.

Everyone was astonished by the show that had been uniquely prepared by the organizer.

Yet it was at that moment that one of the pieces of cloth that acted as the rope tore and the swing fell to one side.

Everyone was shocked and worried as Xu Xiyan dangled in the air.

Even if she did not die fro

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