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“It was you who crippled me and made me live my life in hell for five years.”

“It was also you who betrayed our brotherhood and attempted to seize power of the Huo family while they were going through a predicament.”

“And also, you were behind the kidnapping of my daughter, Ying Bao. It was you who almost killed my daughter!”

“Huo Jingtang, you’re not even worthy of being a member of the Huo family. A cunning and sinister man like you deserves to be in hell!””

Huo Yunshen’s men had found a few clues recently. The car accident five years ago was inevitably Huo Jingtang’s doing, and there was also strong evidence that he was behind the recent kidnapping of Ying Bao.

This score should be settled in full today!

Huo Yunshen kicked him again, driving his foot hard into his lower abdomen. The pain sent spasms all over Huo Jingtang’s body, his darkened veins bulging.

His foot came again, this time it stomped down between Huo Jingtang’s legs ruthlessly. There was a crunch and Huo Jingtang howled like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

Ahh… my nuts are crushed… it’s so painful…

That’s right, Huo Yunshen had completely ruined his manhood so that he could also taste what it was like to be a worthless, impotent man.

This wasn’t the worst that had happened to him. While Huo Jingtang was still howling in pain, Huo Yunshen lifted his leg again and stomped down hard onto Huo Jingtang’s knees.

Crack. Crunch. These were the crisp sounds of his bones breaking.

He had crippled both of his legs. From now on, Huo Jingtang could only spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

After Huo Yunshen was done with Huo Jingtang, he took off his gloves and tossed them away, then turned and walked towards Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao.

Ying Bao rushed over and hugged his leg. Huo Yunshen picked up Ying Bao and said, “Come, Jing Xi. Let’s go home.”

“Luckily you came, dear. You looked so cool and gallant just now!”

Xu Xiyan came over and took his arm, then stood up on her toes and planted a kiss on his cheek as his reward.

Ying Bao mimicked her mother and kissed the other side of Huo Yunshen’s face. “Muaaa! Daddy, you’re so awesome!”

Both beautiful ladies, big and small, had unanimously praised him. Huo Yunshen was brimming with pride.

Behind them, the howling continued. Xu Xiyan turned and glanced back, then released Huo Yunshen and jogged towards Huo Jingtang.

“Jing Xi?”

Huo Jingtang was about to call someone on his phone. She immediately rushed towards him and kicked the phone out of his hands before stepping on it. The phone cracked and broke under her feet.

Let’s see how you’re going to call the police or an ambulance now?

This damned hooligan should have a good taste of retribution.

“Huo Jingtang, everything that has happened today was your punishment for all your evil deeds. You’ve brought this onto yourself! You deserve to go to hell! Die now!”

Xu Xiyan shoved a foot into his chest and bl

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