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The interview was basically completed. One of the reporters had heard Jing Xi sing before and they all started to urge her to sing.

Xu Xiyan took the microphone and chuckled, “Thank you all for thinking highly of me, but I can’t sing tonight. Our prince charming Liang Yusen has prepared to sing tonight. If I were to sing too, wouldn’t I be stealing his limelight? But I’ve prepared something else tonight and I shall perform it for you all later.”

It was time for the feast of the celebration banquet. The actors and the main creative staff went down from the stage to be seated at the tables while those who were going to perform later went backstage to get ready.

Below the stage, Xiao Yuqian spotted several reporters heading backstage. She felt a bit worried about Jing Xi and decided to follow them.

As she came to the backstage and turned a corner, someone called out to her.

“Long time no see, Big Sister.”

Xiao Yuqian stopped abruptly in her tracks. She turned around and saw a woman in a long blue dress walking towards her gracefully.

The woman donned exquisite makeup along with a faint smile on her face, her lips a vibrant red over her pearl white teeth. But as her eyes looked toward Xiao Yuqian, a glint of hatred flashed in them.

Xiao Yuqian had seen Ning Xin earlier but she had paid no attention to her. She also didn’t feel like talking with Ning Xin so she ignored her as if she was air.

But now, Ning Xin had come after her and had taken the initiative to talk to her. She could not help but be forcibly reminded of the past by her appearance.

Ning Xin was her sister just in name, the child of her stepmother from a previous marriage. They had not seen each other for six years and she had already become Huayin Entertainment’s A-list artist. She was really impressive.

Ning Xin came up to her and said with a smile, “When did you return to Zstan, big sis? It’s already been some time since you’ve returned to Zstan. Why didn’t you come back to the Xiao family and see us?”

“That’s my business whether to go back or not. You can’t make me,” Xiao Yuqian answered her coldly. After all, she didn’t feel like talking to Ning Xin too much.

She would never forget how this harmless-looking woman had betrayed her six years ago.

“It’s true that I can’t make you go back. But do you know that after returning to Zstan, you’ve severely damaged my relationship with Haodong?” Ning Xin said, jabbing Xiao Yuqian on her shoulder with a finger, her face turning somewhat forbidding.

If Xiao Yuqian had not returned to Zstan, Ning Xin would have become the woman closest to Ma Haodong.

Because of Xiao Yuqian’s sudden departure at that time, Ning Xin had the opportunity to become close to Ma Haodong. She took advantage of her status as Xiao Xuqian’s sister and stayed by Ma Haodong’s side, pretending to be his little sister who knew his troubles and helped him by counseling and accompanying him.

Then, she finally b

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