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Due to the sudden situation, the guards all ran to the stage, ready to help Xu Xiyan.

Luckily, Xu Xiyan caught the cloth that was still intact and dangled in the air.

After she had calmed herself down, she twirled the cloth around her wrist and began to rock her body.

As she began to rotate, she wrapped the cloth around her legs and began performing circus acts.

With her flexible body and her training in martial arts, the circus acts were like a walk in the park for her.

The crowd began to cheer for her performance.

Her actions shocked the higher-ups of ROSUE and An Xianming as they could not believe that she could turn something unexpected into a splendid performance.

She was someone who could take advantage of any situation.

As the crowd was cheering for Xu Xiyan, Ning Xin was cursing in her head.

She initially wanted to hurt Xu Xiyan, but who could’ve thought that Xu Xiyan would turn the accident into something that benefited her.

Huo Yunshen was watching the live stream of the show. His heart almost stopped when he saw the rope break and the dangerous situation Xu Xiyan was in.

He let out a breath of relief when he saw Xu Xiyan escape the accident with a performance.

Everyone was so immersed in Xu Xiyan’s performance, they forgot about the cloth that tore apart. But Huo Yunshen was different, he quickly took out his phone.

He ordered his men at the scene to check how the cloth had torn.

If it was just an accident, then it was all fate; but if someone had tampered with it, then they would have to taste his wrath.

The event ended smoothly, and Xu Xiyan left the hotel through the back door.

She waited until a black Rolls Royce stopped in front of her. She thought it was Huo Yunshen’s usual car and ran towards it. She opened the door to the back seat and went it.

“Let’s go,” Xu Xiyan said as she took off her mask and cap.

The man at the wheel did not reply to her and drove out of the alley.

After the car had left, another Rolls Royce with almost the same plate number stopped where Xu Xiyan had stood. Huo Yunshen sat in the back seat of the car and waited patiently while he checked his watch.

Xu Xiyan sat in the back of the car and could only see the back of the man’s head and the sunglasses that he was wearing.

She moved forward and asked, “Hey, hubby, why aren’t you saying anything?”

The man remained silent, and Xu Xiyan thought it was weird. She moved even further to the front to check on him and quickly pulled herself back to her seat.

The man that was at the wheel was not Huo Yunshen.

“Who are you?” Xu Xiyan questioned as she looked around the car. The difference from Huo Yunshen was quite huge, and the aroma in the car was different.

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