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Xu Xinrou extended a crimson-painted fingernail and poked the cast around his leg with it. Panic spread across Huo Jingtang’s face. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not like you who would harm a permanently disabled person. I know that you hate Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi. You can rest assured that I’ll avenge you.”

In any case, there was still a grudge between them, but they still shared a fundamental interest.


Huo Jingtang was obviously skeptical of her generosity to help him.

“If you don’t believe me, just wait and see. One day, I shall ruin their lives and make them suffer a crushing defeat.”

“How are you going to deal with them? With what?”

It wasn’t that Huo Jingtang did not believe her. He knew very clearly about Xu Xinrou’s current situation. Ever since her miscarriage, her popularity had declined and many of her contracts were canceled. Her days had been difficult and it wouldn’t be easy for her to redeem herself. How could she avenge him in her current state?

“I’ve found a backer now, someone who can completely match up to them.”

Xu Xinrou looked a little smug, her red lips curving up into a smile. “That man… do you want to know who he is?”


“You will know very soon.”

Xu Xinrou then said nothing more and left the ward, deliberately leaving him mystified. Not long after she had left the ward, a group of people came into the ward uninvited.

The group of black-suited bodyguards came in and took up positions around the room, tightly securing the ward.

Huo Jingtang thought that Huo Yunshen’s men had come to beat him up. He was so scared that he closed his eyes. “Don’t kill me… please don’t kill me…”

“Mr. Huo Jingtang, you are very safe.”

Huo Jingtang slowly opened his eyes at the stranger’s voice and saw a tall Caucasian man smiling at him.

“You are…” Huo Jingtang had never seen these people before.

“Tianyu Group. Heard of it?”

Who has never heard of the Tianyu Group?

It was a well-known multinational group, and they were a very powerful company. Some time ago, Huo Jingtang had heard that Tianyu had come to Zstan for the first time to expand their business and their base of operations in Peijing.

The man saw Huo Jingtang nodding. He then continued, “Our boss, Mr. Mo Yutian, wants to talk to you.”

“Mo Yutian?”

The name pierced his ears like a thunderclap—it was a name that frequently appeared on the world’s richest people list.

Huo Jingtang knew that Mo Yutian was also a legendary in the world of business. He was a citizen of Estan and the headquarters of his multinational corporation was also based there. But he wondered what the purpose of his coming to him today was?

As Huo Jingtang contemplated the possible reasons, he saw a man dressed in a black custom-made suit walking into the ward.

The man wore sunglasses that half covered his frosty face. He was seething with an unapproachable, icy air of ominousness. Huo Jing

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