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Ning Xin vowed to have her revenge. When she stepped out from the restroom, she met Ma Haodong who had just come out from the men’s restroom.

“Brother Haodong…” Ning Xin immediately rushed over to Ma Haodong as though she saw her savior, grabbed his arm and cried.

“What happened? …Ning Xin?”

Ma Haodong was shocked. He realized it was Ning Xin after recognizing her voice. But… how did she become so wretched?

“Brother Haodong, I was beaten in the restroom just now,” Ning Xin said woefully.

“Who beat you?”

“It was Xiao Yuqian, and Jing Xi too. They’ve joined hands to retaliate against me. Just look at how they’ve beaten me up.”

“That’s impossible. How about I get someone to send you home now? I’ll go look for them later.”

If someone said that Jing Xi had beaten up someone, he would believe it.

But if someone said that Xiao Yuqian had beaten up someone, he would certainly not believe it. The Xiao Yuqian in his memory was just like a cute little sheep.


It was a bad idea for Ning Xin to remain here with her current appearance. If she were to be photographed by reporters, she would become the next talk of the town. She accepted Ma Haodong’s suggestion to go home.

After getting someone to escort Ning Xin out of the place, Ma Haodong made his way to the backstage to look for Jing Xi and Xiao Yuqian.

Just as he reached the main entrance of the backstage, he heard girls laughing inside.

He stopped at the door and looked inside the room through a crack. Jing Xi and Xiao Yuqian were inside.

In the backstage dressing room, Xu Xiyan had already put on a stylish black suit. Xiao Yuqian helped put on a small black top hat on her head, then adjusted her bow tie for her.

The two women exchanged looks for a while before bursting into laughter at the same time. “Hahaha…”

When they had enough laughing, Xu Xiyan said, “Whenever I think about how wretched Ning Xin looked after being beaten up, I feel so ecstatic.”

“Yeah, I haven’t beaten up someone like that for a long time. Thank you, Yanyan. You’ve been a great help to me,” Xiao Yuqian thanked her.

Outside the door, Ma Haodong nodded to himself. Yep, they seemed to have had a great time beating up someone.

But, why did the two of them beat up Ning Xin?

Looking at their relationship, Ning Xin was Xiao Yuqian’s sister in name. It didn’t seem that Xiao Yuqian had any reason to punish her own little sister.

Was it because Ning Xin had gotten too close to him, so she had taught her a lesson?

Xiao Yuqian must’ve been jealous. Was that why she joined hands with Jing Xi to teach Ning Xin a lesson?

Yup, this must be it.

Ma Haodong attributed the attack on Ning Xin to Xiao Yuqian’s jealousy. Therefore, this case was closed. Anyway, Xiao Yuqian was his woman. Whoever his woman had beaten up, they could only blame on their bad luck.

The conversational voices of the two women came from the dressing room again. Xu Xiyan

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