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Huo Jingtang suddenly recalled a scandal that Xu Xinrou had once told him about, something about Xu Xiyan spending a night with some dude in a hotel five years ago.

Xu Xinrou did mention to him that the scandal was a card that she was keeping until it was necessary to use it.

And Huo Jingtang believed that the time had come.

Not long after, a scandal about how Xu Xiyan spent a night with someone five years ago surfaced.

The scandal was vague as it only mentioned the man was someone powerful in the entertainment industry and included a picture that showed the man’s back.

As soon as the scandal was posted online, people began to talk about it on the internet.

[Are you serious? Who’s trying to hurt my Ms. Jing again?]

[Five years ago? A superpower in the entertainment industry? It does look like HJT, right?]

[Is it HJT? They did have a scandal; it was a while back and I thought it was fake. Don’t tell me it’s real?]

[Anyone else think that it looks like HYS?]

[But he was crippled five years ago!]

[Maybe it was before the accident happened?]

[So which is it? HJT or HYS?]

As people began to discuss the scandal, Xu Xiyan had no idea what was going on, as she was filming.

It was the last scene of “Root of Evil.”

The male lead, which was also the lead inspector, finally found out the location of the serial killer, W. The police began to chase after him until they reached a cliff.

W was hurt and had no place to run.

The male lead had his gun pointed at him and said, “It’s a dead end! Surrender now!”

The antagonist smiled and shouted the name of the female lead. The protagonist was shocked by it, and W took the chance to kick the gun out of the protagonist’s hand.

They began to fight using their fists and kicks.

Yet W still wasn’t a match for the protagonist, as the latter picked up his gun and shot W without any restrains.

W fell down, and blood began to flow out from his mouth.

The female lead suddenly ran over to his side, kneeled beside him while crying and shouted, “No!”

“Brother, please don’t die…” the female lead sobbed. “Do you still remember when you were little? Your younger sister with the claw braid? The one that got hit because she stole a bun?”

W opened his eyes painfully and looked at the girl in front of him, stunned by her words.

He could not imagine that the female lead and his sister were the same person, but when he saw her cry and heard her stories, it touched his heart deeply.

His heart was telling him that the younger sister he had been searching for the whole time, was the female lead that lived in a different world than he was in.

“My sister…” W said as tears filled his eyes. It was a day that he’d longed for.

He was finally able to meet his sister.

The serial killing was planned out perfectly. W had killed a total of five people, all related to the murder of his family.

In the end, he was able to avenge h

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