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“Oh. Okay, understood, Director.”

Xu Xiyan rubbed her hands and was itching to go again. When the second take began, she had the right look in her eyes that looked venomous to the bone.

She grabbed Yun Qingchen’s hair and gave several hard slaps to her face and there was a stupefied look in Xu Xinrou’s eyes as Xu Xiyan walloped her. When it was time for Xu Xiyan to kick her, Xu Xinrou had shielded herself with her arms in panic. The Director cried out to stop the take.

“What’s the matter, Xinrou? Are you not in good condition to act today?”

Xu Xinrou herself was a famous A-list star; she could not stand being bullied. “No, Director. Jing Xi was hitting me for real instead of faking it.”

She was right for not faking it!

It was not Xu Xiyan who was taking advantage of the shoot to have her revenge against Xu Xinrou, but it was Huang Guoqiang who was taking advantage of the shoot to vent his anger.

He had already found out the truth of something. That is, back then when Qi Liya had accidentally fallen while doing wire work, it was Xu Xinrou who had directed someone to tamper with it.

It was all because of Xu Xinrou’s desire to ascend into stardom that she would do anything to drag others down while doing so. She had already reached the point of harming someone’s life. If he didn’t teach her a good lesson now, he would be doing Qi Liya a disservice.

For the sake of his precious Yaya and as long as there were scenes where the first female lead was abused, Huang Guoqiang would make sure that he would do a dozen more retakes.

So one could say that you could offend anyone, but do not simply offend the director. Once you’ve offended the director, there’s no way you could get away with it without suffering the consequences.

On the third take, Xu Xiyan’s lines, expression, movements and other aspects were done well. But when it was Xu Xinrou’s turn, she began to lose her focus.

“Sorry, Director. I… I forgot my lines!”

She had not deliberately forgotten her lines—she had forgotten them for real.

Xu Xinrou was so frustrated that she felt like crying. Her face was about to become swollen like a sponge cake if Xu Xiyan were to beat her some more. Finally, when it was her turn to say her lines after withstanding the beatings, she forgot them.

It was rare to see Huang Guoqiang not flare his temper. Instead, he said patiently to her, “Oh, don’t worry, Xinrou. Take it easy and look at your script again. After you’ve memorized them, we will continue.”

Xu Xiyan could not help but cast a side glance at Huang Guoqiang. What a crafty man! Is he letting her look at her script again, or is he looking for an excuse to teach her a lesson?

Xu Xinrou wasted no time and read her lines again, then returned to her position. “I’m ready now, Director. We can continue.”

On the fourth take, Xu Xiyan grabbed her hair and hit her face until her hands were numb. When it was Xu Xinrou’s turn to speak her lines, sh

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