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Chapter 800: It Was Just A Stalker

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Xu Xiyan took her hand and said, “When the time comes, I’ll get Yi Xiao to accompany you two and a few more bodyguards to look after you both.”


So that was settled. Ying Bao would go on the show three days later.

There were many scenes in “The Beauty of the World” that the production crew could not shoot due to the lead female actor, Xu Xinrou’s, leave. Because of this, Xu Xiyan was able to go over to the production studio of “Landscape” to shoot her scenes there for the time being.

In the morning, her manager, Li Ruochu, and Wandou came over to pick her up. During their journey to the studios, Li Ruochu suddenly received a call and her expression became very tense.

She did not answer the phone, but the phone kept on ringing. Eventually, it stopped ringing. A text message seemed to have come in.

After reading the text message, Li Ruochu immediately switched off her phone as though it was from her arch nemesis.

Xu Xiyan noticed that Li Ruochu was looking unwell. Concerned, she asked her, “Sister Ruochu, are you alright? Is your family looking for you? If you have something up, you don’t have to accompany me to the studio today.”

Li Ruochu was a fair-skinned beauty. But for some reason, her face was pale and she looked colorless like a piece of white paper.

She explained awkwardly, as though she was trying to hide her panic. “It’s nothing. I’m fine. It was just a stalker.”

Xu Xiyan and Wandou thought that someone was pursuing Li Ruochu. After all, Li Ruochu was an undeniably charming and beautiful woman; she definitely would not have a shortage of pursuers.

Li Ruochu’s behavior was very strange after she switched off her phone. She quickly looked for her cosmetic bag and began to apply makeup to her face.

But her hands kept trembling. She asked Xu Xiyan, “Jing Xi, I heard that you have superb makeup skills. Can you help me do my makeup?”

“What kind of makeup?”

“Turn me into an old lady, so that others could not recognize me,” Li Ruochu begged her.

“That’s easy.”

Xu Xiyan thought that she was only trying to get away from her stalker, so she happily did the makeup of an old lady for her.

After Li Ruochu changed into a black top, she looked completely like a sixty-year-old lady from top to bottom.

“Alright, Grandma Li, even if the person most intimate to you saw you now, they would definitely not know who you are.” Xu Xiyan was very confident about her makeup skills.

Li Ruochu saw her old and wrinkly sixty-year-old self in the mirror and finally felt relieved.

Their van stopped at an intersection; there was a crossbar in front. It looked like there were some uniformed soldiers checking the passing vehicles.

Every car had to be inspected. When it was their celebrity van’s turn, they were not exempted like the others.

Xu Xiyan noticed that most of the soldiers outside

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