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Since he was in charge of the person with the name Ma, Huo Yunshen could ask him to take care of it.

Since Huo Yunshen was getting ready for a new project, he had to go to an auction later that day.

“I have to meet a friend later, so I can’t go and pick you up. I’ll send someone to get you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I called Ye Xun a while ago, and we’ll go to pick Ying Bao up together.”

“All right then. See you tonight. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

Ye Xun picked Xu Xiyan up at the set, and they went to Peijing Experimental Primary School.

Classes were over, and Tang Feimo walked out of the classroom with his bag.

A girl in a ponytail caught up with him and asked, “Tang Feimo, are you free this Saturday?”

“Why?” Tang Feimo asked as he turned around and faced Chu Youyou without any expression.

“Let’s go to the amusement park together! I have some tickets!”

Chu Youyou was a pretty little girl and was like the princess of their class.

She liked to be with Tang Feimo, but he was always cold to her.

“No thanks, I’m busy that day,” Tang Feimo rejected, not knowing that the girls were already calling him the most handsome kid in the school.

Girls would always think about him, and they would leave snacks on his table every day.

After rejecting Chu Youyou, Tang Feimo walked straight towards the preschool section.

“Then, how about Sunday? You should be free on Sunday, right?” Chu Youyou caught up and asked.

“Not free then either,” Tang Feimo rejected once again.

Tang Feimo hated Chu Youyou since she was annoying. He wondered why she was so different from Ying Bao. They were both girls but one was cute, and the other was like an annoying pest.

The classes were over at the preschool too, and Tang Feimo noticed his mother coming out of Classroom I with the kids.

One of the kids was dressed in a red hoodie. She looked like a little red cherry that people wanted to take a bite of.

“Your mother is in charge of the preschool, right? She’s so cool!” Chu Youyou complimented.

Tang Feimo ignored her until Ying Bao noticed Tang Feimo.

“Brother Feimo! Brother Feimo!” Ying Bao shouted while she waved her hands.

“Cherry!” Tang Feimo greeted back while waving his hand.

Chu Youyou was surprised by what she was seeing. Tang Feimo was always like the cool little kid who never smiled.

But now, he was smiling to a kid in the pre-school.

Chu Youyou hated Ying Bao at first sight because Ying Bao was prettier than she was.

What was more was that the little girl was able to attract Tang Feimo’s attention.

Tang Feimo opened his bag and gave all the snacks he received to Ying Bao.

“These are for you,” Tang Feimo said.

Chu Youyou stared as Tang Feimo gave all the snacks the girls had given him to the little kid.

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